Yamaha F70 ProblemsLots of owners have experienced this problem of having 4500 or less RPM even though they run the engine at its full speed. Manual start and electric start models. I have a 2013 Yamaha F70 and I have installed a Baystar steering system. The first problem was that the motor would . Yamaha F70 EFI Dyno-Boost performance tuner is designed to maximize the HP potential of your factory engine. Was also wondering if the TPS could be an issue. The problem kicks in when running on step. More freedom: You're covered on all lakes, rivers, and oceans within 75 miles of the coast. I daresay the F70 would be very close to this top end, probably 37-39. This manual comes under the category Outboard motors and has been rated by 1 people with an average of a 7. ai An outboard engine that will not start . You seem to be on the rite track. Yamaha F175 or Suzuki DF175? Itch-2-Fish Vero Beach, FL Posts: 443 Deckhand. 9ka dpa Our 1-liter 70-hp midrange features a two-piece upper case and 10 percent lighter pistons. Weight is reduced while the intake valve area is increased 17%. Five years on and the Yamaha F70A outboard motor still has no directly competing marine engine. But if you compare it with the OEM models, it's a decent bargain. I have a new Yamaha 70 on a 20SLX and it won't go above 4200 rpm. 2013 Yamaha F70 -4-stroke SOHC L4 Marine Gear Oil. Motor: 1998 115hp Yamaha precision blend. The problem has been that outboard manufacturers just haven't been able to build a lightweight four-stroke with enough grunt in this mid range. Like most modern outboards, the F70 is fully rigged up for digital control via its dual LAN gauges. More freedom: You’re covered on all lakes, rivers, and oceans within 75 miles of the coast. 2012 Alumacraft 18ft cc tunnel hull boat with sponsons. The new F70 is a further development of the F60, sharing the same displacement and stroke. Most outboard problems on the water fall into a few problem areas—electrical, fuel, cooling system and collision—each with its own . YAMAHA’s newly released F70 four-stroke marks a further continuation in the evolution of light, powerful and fuel-efficient outboards. The Yamaha performance report got 6350 rpm out of a 14" prop on the same boat. Sounded like dead battery but i have no clue with oil leaking. Power Trim & Tilt » Yamaha Maintenance Matters. Post Aug 26, 2017 #1 2017-08-26T17:55. 2002 Aquasport Inc 215 OSPREY SPORT/DL(*) 2002 Yamaha LS 2000(*) 2019 Tracker Marine BASS TRACKER CLASSIC(**) 2012 Majek Boatworks Inc 25+ XTREME/CC 2005 Bayliner Marine Corp 175 BR(**) 2015 MasterCraft Boat Co X30 2004 Sea-Doo/BRP GTX 4-TEC SUPERCHARGED 1998 Sea Ray Boats 180 BOW RIDER(**) 2001 Sugar Sand TANGO 4+2(*) 2012 J C Mfg Inc NEPTOON. IMPRESSIVE TORQUE & ACCELERATION The impressive F70 Midrange weighs in at up to 80 pounds lighter than its competitors, giving it class-leading power-to-weight. Outboard Specialty Tools, Tyler Holland checking starter system wiring and parts from key switch to engine starter to isolate and repair a common problem wit. Yamaha Customer Outboard Protection (Y-COP) option. The motor starts and idles fine it will push the boat slowly without any issues. According to Yammie, the inline four cylinder F70 is an enhancement of the Japanese engine maker’s popular F60. Thank you for selecting a Yamaha outboard motor. Home :: 30-75hp Outboard motor :: Yamaha 70hp Outboard sale-2022 4 stroke boat motor engines F70LA Suzuki 50hp outboard-4 stroke boat motors sale DF50ATLW $6,200. "Yamaha/Mercury/Mariner Repair Manual 4-Stroke, 1995-2004"; Seloc Marine; 2007. The new F70 Yamaha 70 HP four-cycle outboard has now been on the market for quite a while. One or More Cylinder Not Working From VST, gas goes into the fuel injector and to the cylinders after that. Having trouble deciding between Mercury and Yamaha outboards for sale? Yamaha has proven that their outboard motors are a force to be . Are you looking for good advice about your Yamaha outboard engine problems and issues. I could never see going past a 60 Yamaha in a 4-stroke vs the weight difference. Cruise speed of 45 - 50 km is reached at 4500 - 5000 rpms. « Reply #4 on: September 14, 2013, 15:55:33 CET ». My issues aside, Suzi makes a good a outboard as anyone now. How hard is it to change a fuel filter on a Yamaha 4 stroke? My motor is bogging down when I try to open it up. Maybe your engine is sputtering and . I have a 2021 Yamaha F70 on my newly redone 1997’ maverick mirage 2. And yes you will have a lift pump. I have a problem with a 2013 yamaha F70. 9 ('85-'91) 1984 - 2008 V8 four stroke will not support a conventional tachometer. The boat was probably in this position for two months. yo Its siblings, the F60 and F50, also boast the same, ingenious engineering, with fewer horses. [censored] - troubleshooting - need help!!! My previous attempt to display my 2019 Yamaha 70 hp engine data was successful displaying Total . wth What are some real world data--speeds, gas usage, low end torque, noise--from those of you that have it on a classic 17 hull? Any problems? zotcha: posted 11-17-2010 08:44 PM ET (US). ojl 74h If you dropped to a 14" and reduced the diameter and set the engine higher you MIGHT get 600rpm. Bought a new 2020 Yamaha F 50 in August of 2020. Some other factors come into play to make this a bit more complicated. uf If you go for a yamaha 80HP, then the weight shots up to 166kgs. Re: Trolling with a Yamaha F70 I have two of these motors on my cat, upgraded from 2 stroke to 4 stroke about 18 months back. nx P0700 means that a fault code is stored in the TCM. According to Yamaha, the four valves per cylinder used in the F70 "have dramatically increased this engine's volumetric efficiency - the efficiency with which the engine can draw fuel and air in and push exhaust out of the cylinders". Available on the F70, F60 and F50, this allows anglers to adjust trolling speeds in 50-RPM increments. Please view the application guide below. The ETEC 75HP weighs in at 145kgs. The problem is that you get 369# with a bigger 4-stroke. Insure your 2021 Yamaha F70LA for just $100/year*. But it will take you a little longer to get. Motor runs fine for first part of day, I usually run about 15-20 min to my first fishing spot. The F75 & F90 are about 37 ci larger. C25 - C55 (2 cyl) Except C30 (2cyl '93. 0u 9 HP EFI outboard motor model DF9. I wanted to take my kids out this weekend but my 40 HP Yamaha is stuck in limp mode from the time I fire it up. Awesome motors that haven't given me a single issue. What’s the problem here? Prop? Possible throttle manifold issue? For reference, boat is comparable to a new 17’ hells bay in. Yamaha F70 Problems Yamaha 115-200 HP 91-04 Suzuki 35-150hp 88-01 Cross Ref #: 38410-89J00, 38410-94550, 38410-94551, 38410-94552, 5030831, 5031483, 5032195, 5032197. This document contains many of Yamaha's valuable trademarks. Lowrance's cable is made specifically to connect on one end to the Yamaha engine side plus and the other end is the standard NMEA 2000 drop cable. It runs good for ages but if I'm trawling after about an hour the . Please take note of the plug coming off of the relay in the picture. What makes the Yamaha F70A outboard motor unique is that it weighs less than its Yamaha FT60D counterpart, yet has significantly more top-end torque and power. Yamaha Outboard NGK Spark Plug Guide. The Yamaha F70 has an output of direct NMEA 2000 data as shown in the first picture. Repowering and have narrowed it down to 2. 2015 20SLX, Yamaha F70, extended stern, double battery w/Perko, Dual Pro RS-2 Charger, 1200 watt power inverter, saltwater anode package, underdeck wave shield, midnight black, G series helm, Sandstone Soft touch, Maple Matte trim accent, vinyl full floor upgrade, Bennington tow bar, extended bow, SS Cleats, LED docking lights, side accent LED blue lighting, rear underwater LED white fishing. September I started noticing the rpm. Enthusiasts sometimes overlook maintenance on their marine lower units. Awesome motors that didn't give me a days trouble. The boat was one of their most expensive models with powder coat finish, carpeting, covered seats, huge gas tank and live well and all of the. This trim tilt relay fits the Yamaha F70 2010 and newer. EMU44152 F50, T50, F60, T60, F70 OWNER’S MANUAL ©2019 by Yamaha Motor Co. The primary (cup) fuel filter and secondary (in-line) fuel filter should both be inspected regularly and replaced after approximately every 100 hours of use. When the filter gets clogged and not performing to its best, the amount of gas released from VST gets decreased. "YAMAHA’s newly released F70 four-stroke marks a further continuation in the evolution of light, powerful and fuel-efficient outboards. gu p6w I recently bought a 17 foot Boston Whaler Montauk with a 70hp 4 stroke . It’s electro-hydraulic, meaning an electric pump moves hydraulic fluid upon command from the operator, tilting the. Running into problems with your Yamaha outboard?. 5s5 EMU25065 This product can expose you to chemicals including engine exhaust, which is known to the State of California. jimh: posted 02-20-2012 03:36 PM ET (US). rs The fact that you are getting major shaking at low rpm suggests that you may not be firing on one cylinder. 4yp Best fuel efficiency on the Yamaha F70A outboard motor was delivered at 5000rpm. When turning port or starboard the prop loses bite. But despite this great variety between different models,. More often then not, the cause of this code is that there is a transmission problem of some kind. Mike W Participant MN/Anoka/Ham lake Posts: 12209. Since it's not made of stainless steel, the blades might suffer upon collision with larger rocks underwater. Savings: We offer low rates and plenty of discounts. mrz The engine is lighter than any competitive four stroke or direct injected two stroke motor in the 70 – 75 horsepower class. *Annual premium is for a basic liability policy and is not available in all states. Is there anyone on here running a baby cat with a Yamaha f70? I'm looking at buying a bc and saw where this motor is on the average about 70-80 pounds lighter than most 70's and 90's. However this doesn't rule out the possibility of a failed PCM or TCM (unlikely). The suffix "A" in the model designator F70LA specifies the model epoch (in this case "first generation") of the F70 series. Cranked up to drop in, tied it off and worked on boat trailer for about two hours. If I lower the speed below 3000 RPM it works fine, Any advise would be appreciated. receiver have F70 showing and it wont work but there is power Asked by noel eslava on 01/29/2009 0 Answer ManualsOnline posted an answer 11 years, 12 months ago. Oddly, when at full throttle I only achieved a whopping… 28mph @4000rpm. Motor starts and runs fine until 3000 RPM then there is no power and the RPM shoots way up. The first thing you need to check is the power adapter. Yamaha F70 AETL Outboard Engine Sleek and stylish too - your Yamaha F70 is sure to attract admiring glances from everyone - whether aboard or on the shore. If u are not keeping the tank full condensation will cause a water problem. 7t This would have been unnecessary with the F70. That said, there are parts of the system that I still attend to on a. To face this problem, Yamaha applies a heat exchanger (commonly called radiator) to the outboard engines to cool the fuel. which is a huge weight difference. Each had unique engineering specs, power capabilities and intended uses. Yamaha includes troubleshooting tips and specific part requirements in the owner's manual for each of its outboard motors. qi0 If you’re in the category of buying a new prop for your Yamaha F70 engine, you’re in luck. Lift the cable from your battery, move it outside of the battery box and close the lid of the battery box. It’s up to 80 pounds lighter than other four-stroke competitors and. Idles on trailer and in water no problem. Seemed like one of the plugs went bad so I changed that plug and ran it at home. Even allowing going from a 4 to a 3 and dropping 2 inches a 1600 rpm change indicate some sort of problem like. Yamaha Safe mode would've limited RPM to 2,000 AND sounded an alarm. It has been alleged that the corrosion, pitting and consequent engine failure typically occurs after only 500 to 700 hours of use. waterways by improving the knowledge, skills, and abilities of recreational boaters. Micro Jacker Hydraulic jack plate (not installed yet) 4 in set back with 5in lift possible. This is on a 2013 HB PRO with 2012Yamaha F70LA (fuel injected) outboard, 180 hrs. Beating in the heart of the F70 is a unique four-cylinder, 16-valve design activated by a single overhead camshaft. I took the boat out a couple of weeks ago and one of the engines was missing and running very rough. If there is a venting problem that causes an engine to shut down, it just ran out of gas to shut down. The net result of this increased efficiency means the F70 is able to run at higher RPMs (up to 6300RPM, in fact). n4y Mainly the 112 lb weight advantage. The Yamaha Midrange 70-, 60- and 50-hp four strokes. That being said, Yamaha motors still have the reputation of being heavier and heftier. 2019 Yamaha 70 HP F70LA Outboard Motor2019 Yamaha 70 HP F70LA Outboard Motor - Specifications Engine Type: Yamaha F70LA Four Stroke Horsepower: 70 hp Cylinders: 4 cyl Shaft Length: 20" Steering: Remote Mech Starter: Electric Weight: 253. Yamaha CL 6YG stopped displaying 2019 F70 Yamaha 70 hp engine data on my Raymarine Axiom 9" RV100 with LH 3. Engine started fine, revs fine in neutral but once over 3000 revs in gear loses power under load. The F50, F60 and F70's are the same motor with mostly ECM programming changes. The boat was even re-propped with NO increase in WOT RPMs. It isn't the cheapest prop on the list for your Yamaha F70 engine. The canister one and also an inline filter, we replaced both. It would bog down and if you pumped the primer bulb the motor would run normally. 43 Compared to Yamaha's F70, which has a 1L block, the new 1. s5u 00 Yamaha F70LA Outboard | 70HP Scratch & Dent (Level 1) US $5,187. View the manual for the Yamaha F70 (2021) here, for free. Due to Yamaha's ongoing commitment to product improvement, we reserve the right to change, without notice, equipment, materials, specifications, and/or price. 8mw The motor will shut down while at speed but will crank immediately back up once in neutral. Using a properly formulated gear lube that resists water contamination can protect the lower unit from costly problems. take injectors to a local diesel engine shop and they should have a machine to properly clean the injectors for about $20 apiece. If you went from a 4 blade to a 3 blade would change results. Also, water may get into the tanks thru the gas cap or water sitting on the fuel gauge. My F70 hangs on the back of an 1860 jon boat with a center console and has run very . Yamaha advises that upgrading to a stainless steel prop would eliminate this, and also improve overall efficiency and speed. 2nz 75 hp tiller is what Im running. 0 litre, sixteen-valve, four-cylinder marine engine, featuring a sophisticated single-overhead camshaft (SOHC), with four-valves per-cylinder valve-train for maximum power and efficiency. The F70 achieves this by its unique four valves per cylinder design. I have done about 75 hours with them now and they are as quiet as other brands of 4 strokes, have had to check sometimes to see if they are going. Does anyone else have a check list as. Will rev in neutral to 5000 rpm, will rev in land to 5000 rpm forward or reverse. I'm having an issue with fuel supply to the motor. The Yamaha F70 utilises an advanced 1. I havent had any problems with my E tech since it was traded in on a new Yamaha. Original had a 90hp 2stroke Mercury on the boat. On the downside, it vibrates more than expected at low revs, which is annoying when slow trolling. to Yamaha Outboard customer support, in an attempt to get the issue resolved. In between the pump and the vst is a strainer, replace that and you should be back to new. I had some porpoising problems with the 369 lbs on the back and had to move a battery and anchors up front to fix it. September I noticed it dropping rpm's. I don't know much about modern 4 strokes but I'm concerned that this is working the engine hard. if any discolored particles appear on rag then that is an issue with your fuel system being dirty. The Yamaha outboard alarm system can fail just like any other system on your outboard. I noticed that when I connected the cylinder piston and support rods on my motor the turn to lock has gotten smaller (meaning I can not turn the engine as far as it could go without the cylinder connected) Loss of travel is about 10* in both directions. Yamaha Outboard New four-stroke boat motors have a lot of similarities to car engines ,however they do have a few differences as well. Yamaha 40 Jet | F40JEA US $4,538. Troubleshooting the alarm system includes making sure the horn associated with the alarm works, making sure the warning light comes on and the horn sounds when the oil level drops below acceptable levels and ensuring the warning. Looking to upgrade your boat? Get all the Yamaha marine parts you need shipped directly to your door!. Peter Stevens, a pro mackerel fisherman from Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia, has logged 1,300 hours on his Yamaha F70 in 21 months. Can't get it in for service until jan 2 either so anyone got any ideas that may solve my problem. I recently bought a 17 foot Boston Whaler Montauk with a 70hp 4 stroke Yamaha outboard. 9BTHLW2 is a 20 inch long shaft, electric sta. ii6 It should tell you if you have a fuel issue. uy1 ASIDE: Yamaha does not identify their models of outboard engine by a model year designator. Offering discount prices on OEM parts for over 50 years. Blow those sluggish stock settings away with this Magnum Yamaha F70 EFI fuel tuner. After the work is complete, reconnect the negative battery cable. The F70 is the same displacement as the 50 & 60. If its a yamaha prop, you might have to take the prop off and check the front of the prop facing the gearcase. This manual is available in the following languages: English. Joel Perez says: Diagnosis on Yamaha f70 with a bad sensor … no problem we find it !!! #moonlightboatworks #yamahaoutboards #maintenancematters #flatsskiff #maverickboats #skifflife #skiffporn #flyfishing #saltwalter. Even with that said Im much happier with the Yamaha. KW918 wrote:Another problem with this new 1720 is it shakes pretty hard at idle. The boat also has lift pods on the transom on starboard and port sides. book 1 ページ 2018年12月4日 火曜日 午後4時38分 ©2020 Yamaha Motor Corporation. The Spitfire is a nice prop, but a 4 blade would likely just bog the motor down even worse during holeshot. dh Yamaha currently makes outboard motors that can get anywhere from 2. The way to check if the adapter is good is to use it to power another appliance that uses a compatible adapter. If you have a clogged filter, it will limit the amount of fuel your system can deliver. I do have to say the Etech was a nice motor when it ran properly. It’s easy to do, and most times just involves a good visual and a fluid level inspection. Im happy to say dealer is awesome. Quality props from Michigan Wheel, Solas, Turning Point, Stiletto, Quicksilver. 3ln NOTE: Although we're using a Yamaha 250HP motor as an example, the fuel system will be very similar on any modern outboard, regardless of brand or model. For instance the engine has an electric fuel pump. #1 2013 f70 issues 02-26-2017, 10:44 PM Ok this will be hard to explain but I'll try my best. Suzuki gives out 175 cubic inches, 2867 cc, 2. The Published Yamaha Performance Guide uses a Yamaha 13 5/8 x 13 prop which I bought and have now ran. I suggest you check your water separating gas filter. Because recreational boaters will typically use these engines for less than 100 hours per year, it is likely that the engine will fail after. View the Yamaha F70 (2021) manual for free or ask your question to other Yamaha F70 (2021) owners. Has new plugs, fuel lines all seem ok, just seems it wants to kick on but splutters and drops back. I use non ethanol gas with marine stabil every time. Get the clear bowl canister for your water seperator and watch it. Boat Motor Problems Likely to Occur After Yamaha Warranty Has Expired. 7y6 You may also find the NGK spark plug code helpful. On the 50 there were two filters on the motor. 8L F90 has start and takes it to a Yamaha dealer to diagnose the problem, . Your outboard’s Power Trim and Tilt unit changes the outboard’s thrust angle during operation for maximum performance of both your outboard and your boat. os Miami, FL (305) 251-4067 (305) 251-4067 Map & Hours Contact Us Toggle navigation. This gives it plenty of zip, no matter what your needs are. Hi all, could anyone explain why the following could be happening. A handy computer access port allows an authorised Yamaha dealer to diagnose any problems. Boat runs 6600 RPM gets 21+ MPH. I have a Yamaha F 70 that I bought new in 2011, all maint up to date no issues until this week. Even on the E techs best day the Yamaha is a much better preforming motor. (it did for us) The PVS plugs do help for sure, but you can drill vent holes in a 3 blade too. In 2011 alone, the company featured 10 different four-stroke makes with dozens of different models. just had the key switch turned on but no. Something does not seem right here. The pisser is full force so water is going through the system. Peter Stevens, a pro mackerel fisherman from Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia, has logged 1300 hours on his Yamaha F70 in 21 months. It came with a Solas 4 blade 13x15 prop that would only get to 5000 RPM and 18+ MPH. We had a fuel filter issue this summer on a yamaha 50hp efi. WOT RPM range 5300 to 6300, gear ratio 2. The problem might just be a blown fuse that needs to be swapped out. When turning, or attempting WOT cavitation problems prevent this from being achieved. So, if you’re going through the list, you might find the best prop for Yamaha F70 for you. We had the privilege of going through twenty different propellers and picked the top five. I’m currently in the break in period between the sub 8hr stage. A clogged filter sends less fuel to the cylinders leading to low power output. Reliability & Durability Corrosion Protection. Firstly, I would change your primer bulb with a new genuine Yamaha primer bulb. The Yam is slower but the fuel economy is much better. This is the best Yamaha Outboard Forum on the internet, it's yours! If you own a Yamaha Outboard. Ok this will be hard to explain but I'll try my best. The transmission may exhibit drivability problems like slipping, etc. Save up to 70% on stainless & aluminum boat propellers for your 70 HP Yamaha Outboard F70, 4-Stroke 2010 & Newer. Diagnose and repair a failed fuel pump. imh Was the guide based on your exact brand and model? with the same weight aboard. Troubleshooting Outboard Fuel Filters A blocked fuel filter can slow or reduce the amount of fuel reaching the engine. Re: Yamaha F70LA prop advice? Not sure why it doesn't follow the performance guide. Motor starts and runs fine until 3000 RPM . Yamaha 6 HP - 25 HP (2 cyl '84-'87), F/T 9. Coast Guard's Boating Safety Division (CG-BSX-2) is dedicated to reducing loss of life, injuries, and property damage that occur on U. I have an F70 Yamaha that has a no spark. Suddenly, my 27 month old F70 Yamaha outboard boat motor will not respond at all to the power trim and tilt switch nor - Answered by a verified Marine Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. wtk xc Is your boat suffering from stalling or performance issues? Consider troubleshooting for a bad outboard fuel pump with our simple steps. NGK spark plugs are original equipment on many outboard motors and are excellent replacements for everyday engine maintenance. Remove the nut from the negative post with a 5/16-inch box-end wrench. I would always max out a 4-stroke when going from a 2-stroke if the weight is more. It may also contain trademarks belonging to other companies. F70 LIT-18626-12-40 6C1-28199-3K-E0 6C1-9-3K-1E0. I chalked it up to wind chop etc, not even thinking there was a problem. Yamaha offers consumers great variety with its four-stroke outboard motor lineup. It shares the same displacement (996cc) and is only marginally heavier (10kg) than the F60. 9g I WOULD LIKE TO ASK A QUESTION ABOUT A PROBLEM I RAN INTO THIS LAST WEEKEND RUNNING MY BOAT, 17 FT SKIFF WITH A YAMAHA 70HP 4 STROKE, . When I go to jump on plane to hit spot #2, I get up and can usually run before the motor starts stalling, and I lose RPMs. Checked oil and looked low on dipstick. The yamaha 70HP weighs in at 119kgs. rv Replaced plugs, cleaned carburetors, good gas, checked choke throttle linkage. The outboard is in fine condition with low hours and starts and performs perfectly until the other day when I took the kids fishing and idled. pull bottom injector and tap on clean white rag. 2020 Ab Lammina Rigid Inflatable Boat 9 Al Superlight. The engine is a 70hp beauty, so a good prop only compliments it. I just bought a brand new boat with a 2011 F70 Yamaha 4 Stroke took it out for the first time today it fired up just fine and we ran the . possible injector sticking open because of trash. The Yamaha Owner’s Manual suggests you perform standard maintenance on your power tilt and trim after the first 20 hours, then every 100 hours or annually for the life of the motor. Ok, here is a new piece of information. I have a G3 Aluminum 18' duck boat with a Yamaha F70 motor with a three blade prop. Leaking oil and blowing out of exhaust. Consult your Yamaha dealer if the problem cannot be located and cor- rected. Instead, Yamaha has tuned up the 996cc four-cylinder powerhead from the F50/60 and called it the F70. If it cranks right back up and runs fine that suggests the engine is not really out of gas. TIP: The F50B, F50HB, T50B, F60B, F60HB, T60B, F70A and the standard accessories are used as a base for the explanations and illustrations in this manual. I just purchased a Bennington 20SLI Pontoon with the F70LA 4-stroke. Rather than just going with the tried and true, Yamaha listened and began to build motors that aren’t quite so noisy. It all depends on your hull and how close you are to maxing out your certified horsepower. I was on a cruise to Jamaica, Caymans and Cozumel a couple of weeks ago, and Yamaha's are about all we saw. Could this storage position have created a problem in the fuel system that resulted in . 2003 G3/Yamaha Boat that was purchased when the boat was only a couple of years old and like brand new. Jeaneau 585 Merry Fisher 'Marlin' with Honda V-Tec. If you're having Yamaha or Mercury outboard fuel pump problems, you're no doubt feeling frustrated. The connector on it is a proprietary Yamaha connector. What the boat is doing: Cranks up no problem. The Boating Forum - Anyone else have problems with F70 yamaha - Put a new F70 Yamaha on the boat recently. Brought the boat home and checked the plugs. At some point in time that Yamaha motor mounted on the stern of your boat is not going to turn on and begin to work. Issue: Top end speed sucks and motor is over revving. Hit 2 hours then went for WOT Was dissapointed when it maxed at 4100 RPM. At just 260 pounds, the new F70 is the lightest motor in the class, weighing less than even the 320-pound two-stroke Evinrude E-TEC 75. The F70 has a compact single over-head camshaft design, and electronic fuel injection. Runs great, but the minute you put in water it wont go over 2000 rpm in forward or reverse. The TCM detected the problem and set a code. Yamaha F70 From the fuel filter inside the motor follow the fuel line to the mechanical fuel pump, from there follow the line to the vst tank. So, be aware of those annoying rocks if you're driving a boat with this prop on. All you need to know about your outboard engine issues and good advice from your fellow boaters. 80 Yamaha F70LA Outboard | 70HP Scratch & Dent (Level 2) US $4,914. Weld-Craft 1656 Tunnel, Yamaha F70, Garmin 547xs. The 4-valves per cylinder valvetrain has dramatically increased this outboard’s volumetric efficiency, effectively transferri. The 70 with the same problem a month ago was brand new and ran like a brand new motor up to about 4,000 rpm, and no more. If yours has the plug with 2 pins in it, this is the correct trim tilt relay. The F70 is compatible with Yamaha’s Digital Network Gauges, giving you the information needed to maximise engine performance and efficiency, including: a Multifunction Tachometer with RPM, Hours Run, Trim Angle, Oil Pressure, Warning lamps and Variable RPM control; and a Speed/Fuel Management Gauge with Speed, Tank Capacity and Fuel Economy. I checked the oil level and someone told me to kill the power since that is supposed to reset it which didn't work. You can buy Yams because you like them, but no way can you prove they. I know someone with a F70 on the same boat as mine and he is really happy with it. Didn't stall at all just lack of power. The launch of Yamaha’s F70 changed customers’ expectations of outboards in this category forever. Came and Went to crank up and wouldnt turn over. Even on upgraded Yamaha F70 EFI our fuel management chip adds aggressive horsepower to your daily- or race cruising. View parts diagrams and shop online for F70LA : 2012 Outboard 70hp. 0 My new F225's were in the shop 8 times in the first 7 months I owned them with another problem Yamaha new about, but didn't even send out a tech bulletin on. rm4 I have changed the control box and harness, ecm, main/fuel pump relay and - Answered by a verified . So when the problem pops up open the knob and drain the water out(tapping on valve w/ a finger). counter drivability problems, which you sus-. F70LA Yamaha 4 Stroke 70hp Long Shaft EFI OUTBOARD FOR SALE. When you change prop brands your results can be unpredictable. G3 Boats -- anyone run into hole problems? By Brian, 12 years ago on Fishing Boats. Watch our Yamaha Outboard Fuel Pump Issues video above — in which we guide you through an outboard's fuel system — to troubleshoot possible issues that may be causing fuel pump problems. It will help you understand when you should check, clean, or replace the VST filter of your Yamaha outboard engine. Therefore some items may not apply to every model. ypw Been doing this off and on for awhile. This motor was running poorly and stalling repeatedly. Always work or play with a powerful partner - For cleaner performance, maximum fuel efficiency and easy starting, the powerful 16-valve SOHC engine features EFI (Electronic Fuel. I'd say with a prop issue or a motor issue. 2017 1720 with Yamaha F70 Max RPM 4100. We idled for about 45 minutes with the forward gear just engaged from neutral and when we went to accelerate away. [censored] - troubleshooting - need help!!! My previous attempt to display my 2019 Yamaha 70 hp engine data was successful displaying Total engine hour and trim level without motor running (ie. The Yamaha puts out 170 cubic inches, 2785 cc, 1. Troubleshooting Your Yamaha 4-Stroke Motor Eric's Outboard - Marine Service Inc. I was wondering how performance was out of this motor paired with the bc? Holeshot, top end ect.