Vox Tone Stack ModsSo, to ease you in finding the books that will hold you, we back up you by providing the lists vox ac30 amps vox ac30c2 tone tips, pedals \u0026 mods vox ac30tb (1970 1973)birch stolec era vox ac30 6 tbx part 4: final playing test vintage '64 vox ac30 top boost with strat and les paul 1964 vox ac30 top boost vox amplug 2 review vox amplug 2. Step 4: Re-connect the wires to the 500pF cap and the 51kΩ resistor. y12 28 WhoWatt 100 Stack Hiwatt® DR-103 Brill 29 Mail Order Twin Stack Silvertone® 1484 65 Line 6 2204 Mod - Line 6 Original www. Tone stack mod 06-06-2018, 07:30 PM. Practically, a nickname for the "pre" configuration is "Blues", and for. So far, my experience is that I can still get that bright vox chime, but I can also get a much broader set of tones using the tone stack than I was able to before. Music stores, repair shops, builders etc. Got a request to do a mod to the tone stack on a Fender amp, and the Fender/Marshall/Vox tone stack only goes so far in doing that. Raw (Tone Stack Bypass) Switch Remove all traces of the TMB tone stack at the flip of a switch for pure (raw) guitar tone. Z for offering this mod service. Several of the featured pedals and speakers were sent to me in . Another common mod is changing the Tone Stack's treble tone cap. IF you look at the Duncan Tone Stack Calculator and use the "Vox" program to approximate the values closer to. I went to the VOX website, couldn't find any easy-to-spot download links, and those which I did find, only redirected me to VOX's homepage. g5 Vox used'em, and so did Matchless and Dr. Tone stack types: Fender modern, Vox, Marshall, James (passive predecessor to Baxandall), Fender E series, Steve Bench, Hiwatt tone stack, and now the Big Muff tone stack used in FX units. Here are a few hints and tips for those who want to experiment even further than what I have shown. This model features a vintage appearance and sound, boasting ten watts and a series of knobs to refine the tone further. Tone stacks – especially the three-knob sort – suck out loads of gain, and usually have at least one extra gain stage to drive them. These harmonic artifacts affect the tone of the pedal. I recently bought a Vox AC30CCH and really like the sound! However, as most who have played the amp will attest, it's voiced on the bright side and I play single coil guitars exclusively. I played an Epi AlleyKat through it today. 3 Wire Vox Tone Stack; BMP; Voeding 12V= Z. Get the classic Vox tone in the palm of your hand. Rectifier and Mesa/Boogie are registered Ein toller Rock und Roots Sound entstanden aus Vorverstärker und Tone Stack eines 65er Saturn 5 Ring Mod: Ring Modulatoren nehmen zwei Signale (eines von Ihrer Gitarre und das. For sale is my Vox V847 wah with a true bypass mod. At any volume except way too loud there is not a lot of breakup. Hrcsp1a Dunlop Gagan Hotrod Clyde Sp-the Real 60s Vox Tone With 200 Savings Stack-o-dimes (50. The older AC15TB built in the UK does have a tube rectifier and sounds much more like a classic tube Vox AC. The hot switch lifts most of the tone stack out of the circuit so that the signal is not loaded down and thus overdrives the phase inverter. This is one of my best selling mods I sell today. The slightly anemic character of the Flat mode became the lean, compressed attack of a JCM800 but with a more powerful push that was HiWatt-y in its authority. I'm assuming the 12au7 is set up in a self-split push-pull configuration. Super Angebote für Ac4 Tv hier im Preisvergleich ; Offering a unique take on the classic VOX AC4, the AC4TV is a remarkably flexible little tube amp that features a retro inspired aesthetic and three different output modes (4 watts, 1 watt, or ¼ watt), allowing you to achieve true VOX tone at volume levels. £22: TONE MODS: Billm style basic mods: Includes power supply stiffening, twin style tone stack using Orange Drop caps, adjustable bias mod anti oscillation mod. None have gone scratchy in hundreds of customers' pots and 26 months of testing in our shop wahs my 1969 VOX wah finally sounds like it did years ago. By nature, the DS-1 is fizzy and inarticulate, making the tone stack unusable in most live situations with its stock scooped midrange. BD-2 Blues Stack Plus Mod - is the newest addition to my BD-2 mod arsenal. The tone stack consisted of the treble, bass, and middle controls plus the "mid range boost" switch. Here’s how it looks: The tone stack. Proportional Sans-Serif Monospace Sans-Serif Proportional Serif Monospace Serif Casual Script Small Caps. There is a gain stage (just the one), a volume control, and a power amp with a tone cut control. The Mod: This mod primarily involves reworking the tone stack and changing a few bypass capacitors. The Vox's (at least the real '60's Copperpanel ones) just have this inherently smooth, pretty tone that make most other amps come off grating in comparison, yet they're still plenty bright and glassy on the brilliant and/or top boost input, part of what makes them so special sounding. vox ac30c2 mods, tone tips, pedals & more. Improve overall tone of amp, especially overdrive tone. This mod allows wide range of adjustment to bias 6V6, 6L6, EL34, KT66, KT77 and KT88 power tubes. Changes the caps in the tone stack to the original values and reconfigures the Mid pot wiring. Magnatone used it in a whole series of amps - the 260-A, M10-A, 460, and 480. The EH Crying Tone Pedal is really interesting. 0; Trotsky; Orange Treble and Bass Booster; attenuator (simple) LPB SERIES. Vox is THE amp however(imo) for ever so slightly dirty tones. side note to that, you're also. The Vox amPlug Twin rolls back the years to capture the sound of the legendary clean American dual speaker combo tube amp. It had just two controls: level and attack, or fuzz. The slightly anemic character of the Flat mode became the lean, compressed attack of a JCM800 but with a more powerful push that was HiWatt-y in. I've used it with pleasing results in 3 amps now. While the coefficients given here are for the 1959 Fender Bassman tone stack, most tone stacks (Fender, Marshall, Vox) are the same circuit . So what effect do the controls have on the sound . decreasing the treble, raises the dip frequency. None Raised Depressed Uniform Dropshadow. Tone Stack Component Modification. The preamp tubes control the top boost (overdrive) while the poweramp tubes control the master volume. Not that this is a bad tone, it just isn’t a good bassline for reference. Then I used a trainwreck master volumeand made the output tubes triode to lower the power. The choice of the 1959 Bassman was inspired by the book Circuit Analysis of a Legendary Tube Amplifier: The Fender Bassman 5F6-A by Richard Kuehnel. Not sure what else might be replaced. 1i5 The amp sound fuzzy and aggressive, and sometimes it's fun to play cranked. You would use the Tubescreamer with the Vox's OD with the pedal level at 9-10 and the overdrive knob at 0-2 and you would adjust the tone knob to taste. 7u The output from the tone stack was directed back to the second half of V4 for gain recovery. Almost exact to his old tone all the way up to Strange Beautiful Music record. Gain, Bass, Treble, and Volume controls offer a wide range of tone shaping options. The Pacemaker, of course, is pure Vox tone. bj7 68uF cathode bypass cap on the first gain stage with a 5uF cap. Has anyone also done this mod and have any comments on their experience with it? I rarely have used it because: 1. A couple of ideas for more midrange options - 1) adding a cap in parallel to the treble cap (usually 250pf in a Fender). 15-watt 2-channel All-tube 1x12" Guitar Combo Amplifier with Tremolo and Reverb. When it comes iconic guitar tone – especially “British” tone – Vox and its flagship AC30 are at the top of most players’ list. The "Underground 30" and "Underground 30 10th Anniversary" amps expanded on the circuitry of the JMI Vox AC-30. Always liked the look of the Vox amps. an1 I have the Vox Night Train NT2H 2W version. 0wj It IS the Rockerverb preamp with full tone stack. But, this is the internet and for all I know he could just be some dude with a bit of amp knowledge. helps reduce hum and bring clarity to the low end. Top ten ways to mod a Marshall to sound like there's an SD-1 in front of it! - Then 10 years later, I modded again, changing the tone stack to SL specs, changing. Simply connect the midi out on the Tone Lab, to the midi in on the Kemper (using a midi cable). TMB tone stack, used in hundreds of amps, can easily be used as a single knob tone control. xn3 Digital Reverb Vox developed a modular digital reverb circuit board for the TB18C1. Main PEDAL Adjusts the openness (position) of the wah pedal. Guide to Single Knob Tone Controls; Vox - Cut The Vox cut control is a pot and capacitor put between the two outputs of a phase inverter. The nasal attack of the Blues Driver’s tone stack was now a brash, Vox-y clarion call. The amp models also differ in the location of the controllable tone stacks in the signal chain: some models apply the tone stack filtering before the overdrive stages (Princeton, 60s Thrift), others after overdrive (57 Deluxe, Super Sonic), and some between multiple overdrive stages (Vox=British 60s, Deluxe Reverb). Step 1: De-solder the wire connections to the 250pF cap and the 100kΩ resistor. zxl They both sounded better than the new Vox V847. in this case 12 o'clock There is the tone stack and then. I eventually do want an Orange Dark Terror, though. In the Sunn version, the 10k resistor goes to neither ground nor to A-. tightens up the bass and provides more clarity with the overdrive. A vox "normal" channel has no tone stack , BUT the top boost . choke mod: hammond 156m replace r52 according to jca22 schematic. I was going for Hendrix, SRV, Satriani… Yes, I had sounds in my head I was trying to match. First, this is the Fender Blackface tone stack . That should have worked! (and perhaps it was for microphones and phonographs). But you are recognizing this as an old Vox tone stack, so maybe you are correct in having the 1MEG R3 control the low end. I had a horrible drive pedal, the DOD Grunge pedal, and the wah. I am wanting to utilize a Vox top boost pre since I've never had a Vox. Vox Pathfinder 10 mods gain at that stage then of course it will distort at an earlier gain pot setting. A Vox AC30 behind a replica of Paul McCartney's Höfner 500/1 bass and George Harrison's Gretsch Country Gentleman guitar. An insane range of diverse effects includes distortions, filters, mods, delays, reverbs, dynamics, rotary, and much more! Browse all our available amps and effects. Tone control placement has an effect on the sound of an amp. Fueled by a NuTube-equipped analog preamp circuit, this 50-watt mini stack exudes authentic Vox tones. The Vox amPlug emulates the tone of the 2x12 American combo and also includes a built-in chorus effect. c7m In each of these cases, is this correct?. Add a 5uF cap across the second stage 10K resistor. And @kit_strong: My problem with amps is that I want a small amp that has reasonable tone controls and tremolo and reverb. The cranked Vox provides strong mids through 12" speakers, and is lush, bright, and distorted. Both of these tone stacks are quite different, and both stray away from the stacks utilized in the 1962 and 2203/2204 models. For the full story, see this excellent Vox expert's website: Essentially, this amp is a mini-stack version of Vox's excellent Pathfinder P15R combo. 4s I prefer it over my 1964 AC30TB for this tone, just as a point of reference. EXPAND YOUR TONAL PALETTEThe Treble Bass Expander (TBX) is a stacked and detented 250K/1Meg potentiometer that expands your tonal palette. The stock speaker is not bad but I can only imagine it sounding even more awesome once I upgrade it with one if I already love the stock tone. 6% similar) Special caps and circuit mods, Joe gagan's special recipe, developed from modding and designing hundreds of WA pedals. If price isn’t an issue, the Wampler Pinnacle Deluxe V2 is nothing short of pure tone. I'd think it also has more midrange growl (resonance) than the ET65. Interestingly, the PF10 does not implement the traditional Vox tone stack in the usual way, and the Lead 12 doesn't implement the traditional Marshall tone stack in the usual way either. 7% bought Marshall Amp Cover C08. Only after I had to contact VOX's customer support, was I able to find it on the VT20X's own product page, install MIDI drivers and THEN Tone Room. This gives full control over the amps bias and allows you to lower it or push the bias depending upon you preference of tone or appetite for buying new valves. Vox itself is a significant name in the industry. Change the voltage divider to a 1 meg and 220K. The way that a Vox amp is designed, the tone tone stack is flattest when Bass is at 0, and the Treble is at 0. The four Softube-developed Marshall amp plug-ins available exclusively for UAD hardware and UA interfaces form much of the basis for the Marshall legacy. 9o This Tone-stack mod in this particular amp really gives it a nice balance and addresses the above issues very successfully. After UPS beat the hell out of her, I got a great amplifier repair/builder in Los. With these, I can pretty much get any sound that I want. speaker change: replaced the jet city eminence speaker with a celestion vintage 30. These mods form a good foundation for further changes, but I suspect that a lot of users will be perfectly happy with the amp as-is, once they hear an AC4TV with this setup. On the D-inspired amps I've done, the "mids" are critically important in the tone and definitely influence the overdrive tone in the amps. With that done, we then increase R22 from 27K to 33K. Vox values: R1 1M R2 47k R3 22k R4 220k R5 1M (4. With a everything at noon, there is a pretty hefty bass and treble bump. Where have the toneroom patches gone? Download How to use Links. About Marshall Stack Mods Tone. 022uF Mid cap instead of the AB763 standard. Did you mod the caps in the tone stack? so maybe it's time to move on to Fender or Vox tone stacks - thanks for the suggestions. g7j About Mods Stack Tone Marshall. If it has an fx loop / reverb / tremolo, it will be combined with the tone stack recovery stage. It seems like your mods might suit me well based on your descriptions. lhg Posts about modification written by Warpedpig#1. jy It serves as the entire tone stack's ground connection. Will need new battery connector. Has anyone ever done a Baxandall tone stack mod on their amp? can also be seen in the Vox handwired series amps as a "Hot /Cool" switch. One or two electrolytic caps are filter caps to smooth out the pulsing DC from the bias diode. I use it with EHX tubes (but honestly, only stock chinese 12au7 was really bad for gainy sound) and small 1x12 greenback open/ (with closed mod) cab. Change Tone Cap Value Framus Mid Tone Control Easy to make mid control. Other Amps: The Hot Mod V2 is designed to work with amps which use a cathode follower design into the tone stack. Even after installation, we will take it back if you are not 100% happy. Best thing is, it is very easy to make modifications. Another way to alter your amp's frequency response is to swap the slope resistor for one of another value. What I am apprehensive about is the lead tones, and the volume of course. This was not a sponsored video. ah This is a good stack, but it differs very much from the style used in Fenders and Marshall’s and most all other amps that copy those. I chose the original EF86 Vox AC4 circuit, and opted not to build it with a tremolo. Tube amps of five watts or less have been at the heart of some of the most inspired recordings by rock’s legendary guitarists - many of whom used stacks onstage, but favored small “practice. And bear in mind, a Vox ac15 is NOT really an amp you are gonna look to spectacular cleans for. Aside from the obvious differences in the enclosure type of these pedals any true solid definition of which is what in regards to circuit type is and will always be a little bit of an ambiguous. 19 duojet55 7 years ago Here's "The Heartbeats" from 1968 mugging with Vox gear on Happening '68. The Super Switch when combined with power supply stiffing, tone stack mods, . About Tone Marshall Mods Stack. I do agree they sound almost the same at any volume. fs There are two types of natural tube amp distortion: preamp distortion, which is the overdrive you get at low volumes, and. The cleaner and tighter 10"-loaded Super Reverb is scooped and bass-y. Produces Twin-like clean tone and clarity. In some cases guitar amps have a more flat response than a Fender or a Marshall. 5) Vox – Cut The Vox cut control is a pot and capacitor put between the two outputs of a phase inverter. It's also been used in some commercial guitar amps, such as the Orange 120 MKII. The American Vox V846 and King Vox Wah sound good but lack the range and richness of tone of the others, probably due to the inductor and caps. The location of the Tone Stack varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and plays a big role in the definition of the sound and tone of the amp. along with toneful modifications that resonate with today's players. 25-watt 1-channel 1x10" Guitar Amplifier Mini Stack with Digital Reverb, Tremolo, and Headphone/Line Output. lcz Common values are 220pF, 330pF and 470pF. Vox Super Beetle Mini Stack 1x10 25 Watts. Lots of control just via the volume knob on the Epi. Well, controlling the midrange is a big part of getting a good guitar sounds and the Fender/Marshall/Vox tone stack only. Gets rid of the shrill, lackluster tone and makes the amp sound more like the vintage AC4. HF1600ie = Tone Stack Gain Recovery, Channel 1 V2a 12AX7 = Tone Stack Gain Recovery. It's equipped with the normal channel only but the tone stack has been expanded to treble, middle bass which offers more flexibility in fine-tuning the amp's tone. With any Traynor I’ve used or owned I can get a wide range of tones and breakup starts at a reasonable volume level. Phase Inverter A second 12AX7 tube (V3) served as the phase inverter. Thread starter HF1600ie; Start date Sep 30, 2016; H. The Tone Stack Calculator mentioned by the other redditor is great and lets you plug in values and see the results as a graph of tone sweeps. There are others, the other common one is the James stack (often called the Baxendall, although the bax stack is an active version), once insertion loss is accounted for that one can be used to eq a mid bump so is more versatile, although its less. sn0 I find the Vox tone stack very hard to dial in. Vox V846-HW Hand Wired Wah Pedal. The AC30 was released in 1959, offering it in 1×12 and 2×12 configurations, and with a single tone control. Has a great sound and all the features . mx I am also at my wits end looking for the service manual for the Vox ac30c2. 2x 12ax7 in preamp and 1x 12au7 in power amp. 3 - Vox went with a 56pf treble cap in the tone stack (C16). In 1957 two mavericks formed an amp company that would define the sound of British rock. This site is run by unpaid, volunteer moderators, some of which have commercial interests in the guitar amplification business. h8 cpf The mods shown above will help put your AB165 circuit much closer to providing the classic Bassman tones. The wah has some cosmetic scratches. yxi xh All the ear-piercing highs are removed and replaced with silky smooth tones. Whether you’re practicing at home or on-the go, VOX Tone Room is a simple and intuitive way to get the most out of your VOX amps by using your PC, Mac, or iOS device! Tone Room is designed to work as an editor/librarian for VOX products, including the VX II, VT20X/40X/100X. It’s equipped with the normal channel only but the tone stack has been expanded to treble, middle bass which offers more flexibility in fine-tuning the amp’s tone. The Gibson GA-70 tone circuit included one 12AX7 tube. Here are the 10 best stack in a box pedals I'll be reviewing: JHS Angry Charlie (Our Pick!) Fulltone OCD V2 (Best Budget Option) Wampler Pinnacle Deluxe V2 (Best Premium Option) Vemuram Jan Ray Overdrive. The mid shift mod can be done to any amp with a Fender/Marshall/Vox style tone stack. While this amp has a great tone stock from the factory, a few key changes puts this amp in the. The bottom line is, if you are using a modeler to emulate an amp you need to provide a flat frequency response in the amp it is driving or you are going to get some cut and boosted frequencies that just don’t sound. I have been using a Vox Tone Lab SE as my Kemper foot controller, thought I would share some tips. For a small bass amp with impressive punch and vibrant tone, look to the Vox Mini Superbeetle Bass stack. I've owned quite a few amps over the years including various boutique Vox-inspired amps, but the C2 gets me the closest thus far. In 1967 Ampeg was began using circuit boards in their amplifiers instead of the eyelet board construction they had used since the 50s. fq vn My friend asked me to help him with . Nice tremo, great reverb, decent gain, really good tone. Vox AC15C1 1x12" 15-watt Tube Combo Amp. This second generation AC30/4 had two channels with two inputs, hence the "4" in the model name, and a single tone control, and was powered by a quartet of EL84 . Spend some time plugging in values to see the effect it will have. Mod 2 - AC30 tonestack mod: (Original vintage tonestack setup for AC15/30) switch for this mod so you can keep the original Vox chime. So to do this mod, you would remove the wire from the mid pot's ground connection and connect it to a switch, then connect the other side of the switch back to the ground point. This circuit has no middle control. 4m Here's how it looks: The tone stack. changing from 47p to 500p basically gets rid of your mid cut. If I set my amp tone controls to the center position and drive it with the Line 6 AC30 Vox AC30 Top Boost Tone Stack Controls Centered. Unfortunately it was closed in 2013. This kit is NOT for the AC15C C 1. Joe mostly used the MIJ stock I'd really love to get my hands on one just to compare it to the Keeley mod. On all TMB tone stacks one side of the mid pot is connected to ground, and this is the ground point for the entire tone stack. F3: WAH (VOX WAH) This is a detailed simulation of two legendary VOX wah pedals; the V847 and the V848. Users often wonder if the tone controls in a Marshall are working because they have a smaller affect on the sound. Tone stacks - especially the three-knob sort - suck out loads of gain, and usually have at least one extra gain stage to drive them. As a result, the HMV2 will function in other classic amps like Fender Pro, Super, Twin, etc. d8 Adjusting the Treble control higher raises the treble volume response, and also moves the centre frequency of the mid scoop dip lower. com webpage, where users could share sound settings (patches) for their VOX amps. 8k Mid resistor is at the bottom of the schematic. It adds a gain stage essentially on top of the cathode follower. The diagram and the article describe the so-called FMV tone stack; the design used by Fender, Marshall, and Vox, and the hundreds who . Here's what the loop mod looks like on the back of my VT-30:. 2bj Take a look at the VOX AC4C1-12 if you want a classic British tone. Putting the bass and treble controls on 10 created a gigantic mid-scoop on the original settings. got such great tone out of his that I checked it out after the show, and wrote down the model name. The advantage was simple; the circuit boards helped cut down the assembly cost. The parts came from a broken pedal. Just add an SPST ON/OFF mini-switch to the Mid pot's (or 6. As far as I can tell, the Vox Tone Control is a variation of the FMV tone stack used by Fender, Marshall, Mesa Boogie and countless others. The Hot Dawg is offered in outputs of 12-50 watts in a head cab or 12-35 watts in a 1×12 combo. Took it out of the box, at first glance it looked smaller than I expected. Classic wah tone courtesy of stack of dimes inductor. Like any tone stack, its response characteristics can be drastically altered with differing impedances and component values. Extremely Rare Version Of The HM-2 Tone Stack Mod. Do note that you reverse the Plate leads from the output transformer primary. I have a UK AC15TB and I can get real close to an AC30 with a separate 2-12 open back speaker cab. $219 - A hand built recreation of the classic V846, the first, Italian built wah pedal, which featured a Halo inductor. Two other quirks to note: The bridge was a non-adjustable plastic job that did not help with intonation. Unleash the tone of your Vox AC15C1 with the complete mod kit from Fromel Electronics. Tone control placement has an effect on the sound of an amp that has lots pre-amp distortion is present. Based on SPICE simulation, 2 this plot of gain in dB versus frequency in hertz assumes the source impedance is 614Ω and the output load is 544kΩ, which is approximately the case when the normal channel volume control is set to maximum. remove bright caps on both channels (they are used to bring in more high end at low volume to give the cranked AC tone at low volumesbut they mess with input from gain pedals making them sound very grainy. There are a couple of patents/applications regarding digital simulation of the tone stack. hlm The compact ToneLab ST Modeling Effects Processor from VOX offers 33 different amp models with a versatile array of cabinets and effects to take your guitar playing to the next level—wherever you go. Tone Stack - Replace the wimpy Bass and Mid caps with high quality WIMA caps with corrected values to open up the tone and get rid of that boxy sound. The leads on the caps are pre-formed to insure a perfect fit. The next stage changed is the tone stack. My modifications were to make the potentiometers smaller and to adjust the capacitors for the slope of each control. I even "fixed" it when I noticed that it wasn't wired in the classic way but found that the "Mistake" gave the amp the voicing I preferred so I switched it back to the "wrong" way!. 1mg in bass(perfect)1mg in the treble(WRONG! should be 250k)1mg washes out the tone stack,duh! 220k at the Master Volume,Mah 500k or 1mg would . You can actually use anything between 33K to 68K here. in 97 Dont plan on doing the clip mods as I like the tone stack as is but definately will add the Greenback for added low end and that midrange woody growl and extra warm sparkel. My Crybaby was the only one he modified. cwa m14 Unnervingly, if you see it enough it even begins to make sense. Pathfinder is one of the only amps that actually offers that. A big hit with players, Vox's Top Boost mod introduced some high-end sparkle to the sound of the AC30. Note that this mod package is for the C1 model of AC4. The best Vox I’ve owned was a Fryette Memphis 30. first thing to mention as I read this page, the tone stack you're using in TSC is incorrect. Still wondering if anybody has any ideas for easy mods to a mkIII Vox Tonebender ? Maybe I should just get a ghost fx box ? Sep 25, 2010 #18. The TSL brings the best elements of the older and newer Marshalls together, retaining all the classic Marshall tone and feel. 73 Vox AC15C1 is like the next biggest amp on the market that does these things. These vary from a single control to full tone stacks and some amps even have Presence and Resonance controls. Vox pathfinder R8 mod headroom issue? gain at that stage then of course it will distort at an earlier gain pot setting. Got a request to do a mod to the tone stack on a Fender amp, it has the usual T M B controls. The Vox Night Train series is a fist full of tone in a compact all metal head design. Reset restore all settings to the default values. Vox amps share a lot with Fender but have a reputation for even more shiny clean tones with very treble-intensive sounds. Description of the MKIV origin from the captain. Tone Room is designed to work as an editor/librarian for VOX products, including the VX II, VT20X/40X/100X, Adio/Adio Air, VX50 GTV and VOX. For example, the Normal Channel on a VOX AC30 has no tone stack. This tone stack, like many others, has a very present low end. x3 Disconnecting the Mid resistor will completely. I was thinking R3 was keeping the entire branch above ground that value for a good hot signal to compete with the Crunch side. The absence of a tone stack, indeed of any tone . Vox amPlug Twin Guitar Headphone Amplifier. Well, controlling the midrange is a big part of getting a good guitar sounds and the Fender/Marshall/Vox tone stack only goes so far in doing that. 8g Modify tone stack for better control and range of bass, mid, and high frequencies; VOX AC4-C1 Mods for $80. AFAIK, the 3dB cutoff point of the Vox Tone Cut circuit is right where the high end of the Retro 30 and some other classic 12" Brit speaker comes back up at ~3. The tone stacks are a huge part, a Vox tone stack and a peavey one which is normally similar to a fender one with different components are quite different, voxs like the ac30 and maybe the 15 dont. We look back on 60 years celebrating six decades of tones. With the 50 watt, the main problems are that the EQ are biased towards the bass when on a clean model (ie. Tone Stack, the type of tone stack used on this amp is the typical modified Baxandall style stack Carvin uses in all of it’s modern tube amps. The cab is a big part of the AC30 sound, they move lots of air and don't sound boxey. So, basically it's two 12ax7s in the preamp and a 12au7 in the power amp. qta The head contains the electronics and the cab swaps out the original P15R's 8-inch speaker for twin 10-inch Vox special design "Bulldog" speakers. The problem here is it is tuned for pretty strong mid range.