Canik Tp9v2 ProblemsFor a holster, I ordered a Red Hill Tactical holster with retention knobs. Similar ideas popular now · Canik tp9sf Elite · TP9 SF Elite · Century Arms Canik TP9SF 9mm 18+1 Pistol FDE · Canik TP9v2 9mm Pistol (2) 18rd mags Black HG3352-N. ) If they try to get more expensive, they lose their advantage. Inside Waistband Taco Style Holster for the Canik TP9 series of pistols. This was brought up in a prior forum. EAA Witness, EAA SAR K2P, or Canik 55 TP9V2. KJV, Baby's First Bible, Hardcover, Multicolor: A special keepsake for your new arrival. 109 votes and 32 comments so far on Reddit. 232 Topics 1900 Posts Re: 2nd trip with my sf elite by RYAN051088 Tue Mar 15, 2022 1:29 pm: CANIK TROUBLESHOOTING SECTION Having and issue with your Canik Firearm? Post your problem here for other members to assist with finding a resolution. Maybe even better if you consider how much more I shoot the VP9 compared to the Canik. I've handled the AREX, based on the video MAC did, and by my estimation it is nothing more than a large, clunky replica of a Sig designed to lure and capture those who want a P226, but can't afford one. b5 Find Gun Reviews and information regarding shooting sports. MA550 - Canik TP9SA TP9V2 TP9SF 9mm 20rd Magazine This Century Arms International TP9SA magazine is a standard OEM factory replacement magazine. TALON Grips for Canik TP9 Elite SC 12 Round Finger Rest Baseplate. Each RCM Canik Tactical barrel is a drop in replacement for your Canik TP9SFX pistol) •Fits Only the TP9SFX 9mm model (This will not fit the TP9SF, TP9SF Elite, TP9SA or TP9V2, We have separate. eu I compare it to the HKVP9 trigger and they seem very similar. MGCAMA548 787450297463 1676748. I've got several things for you to consider, but I'll start with a description of the Canik poly-frame pistols. The Bible is a collection of 66 books written by about 40 authors, in three different languages,. Our Canik slide racker is designed to be used "under stress. When setting up a Canik TP9SFX Competition Holster retention is a very important element. About Magazine Extension Canik. cim Skip to the end of the images gallery. uzs I'm sorry, the lot you are attempting to view has been hidden by the auctioneer. I shot a match with my Canik this July here in Yuma--it was about 115 degrees in the shade. wr6 CANIK MAGAZINE TP9 SF ELITE 18RD 9MM. I don't know exactly why, but it seems very easy to hit what I want with it. By Patsgramps - Tue Aug 13, 2019 8:07 pm. Please understand your local laws prior to ordering. Just to be clear, the TP9SA is the single action version with decocker. The TP9v2 is an upgrade over the original TP9 where ergonomics and DA/SA trigger pulls have been improved. TP9v2 is a solid choice for Law Enforcement agencies or any enthusiast who wants a full sized pistol that delivers performance in the harshest conditions. I understand that finding a "perfect" pistol is a matter of opinion, of course. I have had pretty good luck with my TP9SA but folks on the Internet seem to freak out about the decocker on the SA because accidentally activating the decocker can. Be the first to review "[Magazines] Canik TP9SF MecGar 18-Round Mags - $28. About Slide Tp9sf Custom Canik. Canik TP9 SA Pistol Slide, 9x19, Desert Tan, w/ Front and Rear Sight, Mostly Stripped, *Very Good* $149. One of problems with shooting a Canik in competition was the lack of aftermarket accessories such as holsters. 19 Inch Barrel and Black Finish. Canik TP9SF Elite 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol, 4. The quality of the trigger cannot be overstated. About Elite Tp9sf Canik Holster. When I settled on this pistol I went in to my employer's gun bar, walked up and said, "Give me one of those" - pointing to the Canik TP9SF 9mm pistol in Desert Brown. The striker retainer pin sticks through the top of the slide and limits the travel of the striker. So, is the Canik TP9SF Elite worth the money? The Canik TP9SF Elite is Canik's new Medium-Sized pistol and it feels amazing. ProMag Canik TP9 Magazine 9mm 32 Round Blue Steel. z0l I installed this but it had no effect on the cocking. In the past, shooters were forced to improve the grip of weapons by using skateboard tape to roughen the surface. There is a couple of elements that set a standard OWB Taco Holster apart from a world class Canik TP9SFX Competition Holster. Just picked up the Staccato C2 DPO. About Mod Vs 2 Tp9sa Canik Tp9sf. Hours of Operation Monday–Saturday 9:00AM–5:00PM Sunday 11:00AM–4:00PM. TONI SYSTEM CAKV6MI Compensator for Canik TP9 SFX with thread M13. WILL ONLY FIT THE CANIK TP9SFX AND TP9SFL, NOT THE TP9SA, TP9V2 OR THE TP9SF. hi The decocker switches it to DA. LONJN Glock 17 19 22 23 26 27 34 Mount - Pistol mount plate fits GLOCK 17 19 22 23 26 27 34. Canik Tp9Sfx Ultimate First Gun Competition Ready. I don't think Pro Mag makes one, only the OEM, which is Mec-Gar. Century HG3774GVN TP9SFx Canik with Viper Red Dot 9mm Luger Double 5. I have had pretty good luck with my TP9SA but folks on the Internet seem to freak out about the decocker on the SA because accidentally activating the decocker can leave you with a dead trigger unless the slide is cycled. Ustadlar bizi aydinlatacaklardir ama benim bildigim tp9v2 ile beraber canik bazi parcalarda yerli uretim yerine walther firmasindan ithal secenegine yoneldi. their TP9SA “De-cock Block” which works to completely disengage the de-cocking mechanism found on the top of Canik TP9SA handguns. Finish and parts are a bit rougher than the Walthers, but I have had the SA for over 5 years with over 3k trouble free rounds fired. The Canik TP9 series of handguns is by far and away the best gun for the money. Unlike the standard TP9, it has a Glock-like trigger safety so that the gun can safely be carried in single-action mode with the striker pre-cocked. I've been told they are having problems producing them in Italy due to Covid. fx9 People were having a lot of ejection problems and it seems the pistols had very heavy recoil springs in them. I had a Canik TP9 SA for a couple of years, and had no problems with it at all, . canik tp9sfx streamlight 20" 20+1 Black Tungsten Gray Cerakote Steel Slide Black Interchangeable 45-70 lever action Stainless, Glock 45 MOS w/ Trijicon RMR & Streamlight TLR-1HL, FN 509 CANIK TP9SF, TP9SA, or TP9V2 - IWB Kydex Holster. The TP9 SFx was ready to go right out of the box for Production Division or Carry Optics Division with the addition of a red dot optic. About Tp9sf Tp9sa Mod 2 Canik Vs. This notice applies to Canik’s 9×19 mm pistols: TP9SA, TP9SF, TP9SFx, TP9SF Elite, TP9SF Elite-S. fk Canik TP9 Elite SC With Olight PL Mini 2 Kydex IWB Holsters Dual layer, Single Clip Optic Ready Design your own holster/Made To Order) TacStyleHolsters. The round count is hovering at the 1,800 mark and going strong. CANIK TP9SF Elite 9mm Striker Fired Semi-Auto Pistol, 4. About Tp9sf 2 Canik Mod Tp9sa Vs. I am not sure about the P10c but I do own a P-07 in. for home defense and practice, the extra ammo capacity of the xdm is better suited to the situation. The Canik TP9 Magazine is a standard aftermarket replacement magazine. Not a problem, we offer gift certificates in any amount to suit your needs. The holster has aesthetically pleasing accents on the sight. A Serious Striker Gun That Doesn't Wreck Your Wallet. 73" Threaded Barrel FDE HG4582D-N $979. Upgrade with new TP9SA, TP9V2, TP9DA, TP9SF, TP9SFX, and TP9SFL Grips today! This grip fits either size backstrap, but the Canik emblem will be slightly off center on the larger size backstrap. Comes standard with adjustable passive retention and a single belt loop. 8t TP9 Elite Combat | Canik Arms Canik TP9SF Elite Magazine 9mm 15rd. I have 7 Glocks, well 5 are P80's, 43 and 19 factory, and like them a lot, but bought an M&P 2. zc1 Cent Mag CANIK TP9 9MM 18RdFits the TP9SA TP9v2 TP9SF and TP9SFx. Would a TTI reduced striker spring work until he TP9?. Thread starter Joined Mar 18, 2008 Messages 6,638 Location. Let's take a moment to examine the various handguns and how we may use them. Sometime around five years ago, Century Arms rocked the polymer-framed, striker-fired pistol market with the introduction of the Canik TP9 SF. If there's any problem, its as they get more well known and popular, they're getting less cheap. So I broke it down and cleaned it and it worked fine. dcv bef 49 after code "GUNSNGEAR" Century Arms® Canik TP9SFx Blackout 9mm Semi-auto Pistol High-level competitive shooting used to be for the well-to-do…but not anymore. With the striker decocker, the trigger doesn't need to be engaged in order to field strip the pistol, making disassembly safer. In the hand it feels like a gun that is ready to go. Push your Canik's firepower to the maximum with TF 140mm extensions. Many of these issues are minor; a handful are major. I also have a Canik 55 which is a CZ75B compact clone. We The People Holsters 3245 Palms Center Drive Las Vegas, NV 89103. Browning 112050293 Hi-Power Magazine 13RD 9mm Blued Steel. Best Answer: Fits like a glove no issues . The Canik TP9v2 and TP40v2 pistols are dimensionally the same as the original TP9 pistol with several improvements. VSO Gun Channel took a look at the new version of the Canik TP9. Body Material: Heat Treated Steel. It seems, in their words, that “repeated . 21831 SHOWING TP9SA, TP9v2 and TP9SF. Fed mine Remington and PMC brass and Silver Bear steel case FMJ without a problem. [/QUOTE] Exactly my experience with around 10k TP9 (I have a TP9v2 that's also been flawless, just much lower round count). 5") Canik TP9SA/SF 9mm Threaded Barrel (5") Extended Magazine Release (TP9SFX Style) Fits All Models. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for TALON GRIPS Adhesive Pistol Grip – Compatible with Canik TP9SA, TP9V2, TP9DA, TP9SF, TP9SFX, . Canik TP9 Elite Sub-Compact 9mm 10-Round Magazine (2) $34. The first slide tells the story pretty clearly - the Ryzen 9 3900XT holds its boost clock of 4. CANIK Magazine, 9MM, 18 Rounds, Fits TP9SA, TP9v2 and TP9SF, Black MA548. Canik TP9SA Mod 2 is an Upgraded Version of the Original TP9SA including reduced Decocker, Warren Tactical Sights, Slim Slide Profile and more. The TP9V2 is available in 9mm and 40 cal (TP40). 5" 9mm Pistol, Black/Bronze - HG5610B-N. Century Arms Canik TP9V2 9mm Semi Automatic 2 mags, holster, mag pouch Currency: USD Category: Firearms & Military Start Price: 300. If this item is out of stock at your local RifleGear but available at our other location, no problem. the V2 has only a little over 2k rounds through it but has also never given a problem. I had the same opinion as you on the Canik and nothing wrong with the Taurus. Canik TP9 Elite Combat Semi Automatic Pistol 4. When I finally got to the range to fire the TP9SF. By the way, I may need to sell a kidney. 2150 South 950 East Provo, UT 84606. I really wasn't sure what to expect when I decided to do a review of the Canik ONE Series TP9SF pistols. Canik Magazine Canik TP9SA, TP9SF, TP9V2 9mm Luger 10-Round Steel Matte Our price $32. They are very similar in size with a bit of a twist. The TP9v2 single action trigger pull left a good first impression. Taking the gun apart is reminiscent of a GLOCK, with the two square take-down levers, one on both sides. You can customize the ergonomic grip using interchangeable backstraps to fit your hand for greater control, comfort, and natural point of aim. Anybody else experience any fail to eject on a. The TP9 Elite Sub Compact (SC) is a concealable, lightweight, reliable, double stacked, striker-fired polymer pistol. Canik TP9 SF Ice Cube Tray, 6-Cube *NEW* $9. My major complaint about it is the slide release is super touchy, and sometimes doesn't catch on empty mags. 0q Available in rubber texture - This textured rubber grip provides positive grip on the firearm and is more commonly used for concealed carry (less likely to irritate skin or snag on clothing) and. I got a chance to shoot the TP9SA at Big 3 East and I was pleasantly surprised by the trigger. Each RCM Canik Tactical barrel is a drop in replacement for your Canik TP9SF, TP9V2 original TP9. Was: Front sight FOCUS LOCK ring for even faster focus Quick and accurate U-notch Design Angled rear sight edge for emergency one-hand operation Assembled in USA with quality Swiss Tritium for maximum MSRP: $109. Other models are significantly cheaper in the Canik line. 99 In Stock Brand: Canik Item Number. zyf Canik Tritium Pro Night Sights - Red. Search: Canik Tp9sf Elite Holster. NIGHT FISION PERFECT DOT TRITIUM NIGHT SIGHTS FOR CANIK. Canik tp9 elite SC (Sub compact) Canik tp9 elite sc olight mini 2. Some would contest that it is better than the Glock The latest evolution of the very popular Canik TP9 is the TP9 SF Elite. 95 Canik TP9V2 9mm Handgun- $339. Share your Canik experiences with other members. Products found: 23 Search results for: canik tp9 sfx in 13 ms. MA550 - Canik TP9SA TP9V2 TP9SF 9mm 20rd Magazine. The steel cases are coated in zinc to prevent rust. Canik TP9SF Special Forces Semi-Auto Pistol, 9mm Luger, 4. After reading a lot of controversy over the TP9SA, I wasn't sure what to expect from the TP9v2. Pistol Magazine for 9mm 8 Round Blue. i83 zaa 2" 20rd blk out BisManBids, LLC CANIK, TP9SFx, Striker Fired, 9MM, 5. The main problem with this is that I have to wear baggy shirts to hide my outside waistband holster. I only wish I had ordered the right holster. This Canik TP9 10 round magazine is made of highly durable steel, which protects the magazine and prevents deformation, even when dropped from a great height. Peek inside to make sure your slide stop spring is in place, . 3i The TP9 Elite Combat also has a flat faced, aluminum trigger shoe, adjustable length reversible magazine release, and interchangeable back straps. This grip has graphic cutouts for the Canik emblem on each side of the firearm. The sights on each pistol, Glock's in this case are after market, while the Canik's Warren fiber optic front sight is stock. Search: Canik Tp9sfx Compensator. I have owned two Canik TP9 pistols. Search: Canik Tp9sa Mod 2 Vs Tp9sf. The Canik TP9v2 puts many Glocks to shame. The trigger, as advertised, one of the best you can get on a striker fired polymer handgun. With new performance finishes on external and internal components, a new CET™ trigger, performance upgrades designed by SAI and much more, the Canik TP9 Elite Combat meets the challenge of every need. canik tp9sf elite holster CANIK TP9-ELITE-COMBAT (IWB) Kydex Holster ** Compatible with Suppressor Height Sights, RMR, Threaded Barrel, and Oversized Magazine Release $40. Our patent, injection molded sleeve design holds our tritium vials securely in place using ballistic materials. Trigger is amazing, and the slide reminds me of a well oiled sewing machine. TP9SFX for sale, century arms canik tp9sfx, canik handgun, canik 9mm for sale, canik 9mm pistol, canik tp9sf one series. This is the list of firearms for which we can make a holster. Polymer 80 PF940C - G19/23 - Holster (OWB) with RTI Hanger #33. Canik TP9 Elite SF or SC should be seriously considered If it's still a problem, you'll have to lighten up on the pull, but that would . IMHO best gun for the buck and can compete in the $500-800 dollar class respectfully and most likely winning more than losing to the big boy class an that's coming a Sig shooter since the 80's. Na kolim nejsem moc zvyklý na krátké, takže jsem někdy hledal, kde sakra ta červená tečka je, ale to je věc cviku a zvyku. Was happy to find a holster for my rail-equipped 1911. Canik TP9SF Elite Patriot Brown 9mm Pistol $ 399 99. nwg Fits Ade Advanced Optics rd3-001, rd3-02, rd3-009, rd3-006a, fits Sightmark mini shot reflex sight. Canik's niche in the US market is to be as good as the name brands, but lots cheaper (new. It's nice to have choices!!! Also, The TP9v2 uses the 2nd iteration SA only magazines, so that is a nice commonality for those who like both versions. While this may make the gun look appealing, it may cause issues if you use the pistol at night, due to it reflecting light. Browning Hi Power - SWEET Just a joy to shoot, you just can't beat a 1911 platform in 9mm and there is a reason the BHP is so popular. Like the Glock, the only safety is on the trigger. 1-16 of 263 results for "canik tp9sfx holster". 5p6 When I asked Kalob at Springer about their baseplates not fitting he said "It doesn't say it will fit every Canik ever made". Canik TP9SF Elite Canik TP9SF Elite 9mm for only $364. About Tp9sa Canik 2 Tp9sf Mod Vs. The TP9SF Elite comes with two 15 rd. New Canik TP9v2 after 60 rounds started acting up with the trigger in SA mode. Save big on a new canik tp9 da. Basically copies of the Walther PPQ and Walther P99AS. I can wear t-shirts now that aren't quite so baggy. The Barnaul plant is said to have supplied over 50%. This robust handgun boasts features like interchangeable backstraps, Picatinny rail, a blade-in-trigger safety that rivals my Walther PPQ in both pull weight and reset, and even a holster, all for just $375. 7j2 Hours of Operation Monday-Saturday 9:00AM-5:00PM Sunday 11:00AM-4:00PM. Canik TP9SF 9mm 18 Round Semi-Auto Pistol with Warren Sights. Canik pistols feature 4140 steel construction a special Cerakote over Phosphate finish and a special AFC magazine coating to minimize friction and maximize service life. The bottom Race gun is rated for 60,000 rounds and is the softest-shooting, most accurate pistol I've ever. MGW carries barrels, firing pins, recoil springs and many more parts for the complete series of TP9 series pistols, including the TP9DA, TP9SA, TP9SA Mod. The Canik TP9SF Elite is a full-size 9mm semi automatic pistol with features that typically come standard on high-end firearms. The Century Arms Canik TP9SFx is a competition-ready, striker-fired pistol chambered in 9mm that delivers exceptional value and performance for the money. CANIK TP9SFX BLACKOUT 9MM 20+1 FULL ACCESSORY PACK 9mm. This DA/SA striker-fired pistol is chambered in 9mm. Canik TP9SF Elite, TP9 Elite Combat, TP9SF, and TP9SFx Reduce Power Spring KitYou've been asking, and we heard you. tb CZ MAG SCORPION 9MM 20RD Black WINDOW ROUND COUNT. CANIK TP9SF Combat Executive, Striker Fired, 9MM, 4. 6GHz in the original Ryzen 9 3900X), 6MB of L2 cache and 64MB of. If the trigger is forward in the double action position, but striker has been cocked by racking the slide, the trigger will be set into single action but left in the forward DA position. Produkty označené jsou skladem ? Kde je zboží skladem? Kde je zboží skladem? Talon Grip pro Canik TP9SA/TP9V2/TP9SF. The TP9v2 is a 9mm DA/SA, striker fired pistol. q4n A basic description for our available triggers for the Canik would be; Fat Daddy and Fat Daddy ll = target, plinking @. Canik tp9v2 problems [email protected] Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel! Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Canik TP9V2 OWB Daumen Break Leder Gürtel Holster bei eBay. Kısmetse, gelecek partiden, gelir diye tahmin ettiğim, bir Glock 19 Gen4 FS ile envanterimi taçlandıracağım. About Slide Elite Canik Tp9sf Rmr. Century Arms, importers of Turkish Canik pistols have just announced a product safety warning. " Here's the announcement they just issued: Product Safety Warning and Severe Duty Upgrade. Recoil impulse is mild, and the handle is easy to grip. It has not yet been reviewed online (not when I looked last night on YouTube), James Yeager has a quick video of it. d7 The downside is that once it is cocked, it has only the Glock-type trigger safety and a short pull 4. hh All Tangfoglio Witness Gold Custom 38 Super 5″ Stainless. Features and Specifications: Manufacturer Number: CAN-A3. ProMag Canik TP9 Magazine 9mm Luger 32 Rounds Steel Blued CAN-A3 ProMag Canik TP9 Magazine 9mm Luger 32 Century Arms Recoil Spring Set Century Arms Recoil Spring Set. Canik TP9SA Mod 2 is an Upgraded Version of the Original TP9SA including reduced Decocker, Warren Tactical Sights, Slim Fun Gun Reviews Presents:The Canik TP9SA is Polymer Striker-fire pistol with vast improvements over the original. The one I'm mainly interested in is the TP9SF Elite. Canik Single Action Series Recoil Spring Pack $45. A DA/SA striker fired pistol with decocker. The Canik TP9 Elite Combat in a nutshell. The VSO Gun Channel is an educational resource of VSO Media LLC, a research and development/ Testing Evaluation firm. Canik TP9, TP9V2 and TP9SA Handguns. Silver Bear ammunition 9mm ammo is zinc-plated steel cased. After playing with it some more it would start. About Tp9sf Vs Canik Tp9sa 2 Mod. If you are using a screen reader and are having problems using this website, please call 1-800-237-4444 for assistance. I would not say this is a ding. This pistol also comes w/ two (2) 18rd magazines, a poly holster, paddle attachment, belt attachment and a limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty. About Tp9sf Custom Slide Canik. The 3-4 o'clock position works best. Having used the aggressive version of the Talon Grips before to solve the same problem, I ordered another set. Took it to the range today and it shot great but after 200 rds got some Fail to eject rounds of Perfecta. Our Will Fit list is growing by the day, and it's more than just words on a page. The grey slide looks nice, but that thing is slick. Canik TP9 Elite SC 9mm Threaded Barrel $699. Canik TP9SFX Blackout Edition 9mm HG5632-N - Factory New Click for more info. If a person was on a budget, and needed a good reliable pistol, I would have no problem recommending a Canik TP9V2 or TP9SF or similar. The mags are advertized as 18rd mags, but you really have to be dedicated to get that 18th in there. We can build your blaster scabbard in a wide variety of colors. Accuracy has always been incredible, and the trigger is better than any other pistol I've fired. Factory Canik 18 round magazine for Canik 9mm TP9SA pistols. Canik is known for their high quality pistols and with the Canik TP9v2 Semi Auto Pistols you can be assured that your personal and protection needs are met. NOTE: If you are having trouble with the slide, try pressing down on the . If it fails to lock open on all the mags - the issue is more likely with the gun. CANIK TP9SF, TP9SA, TP9V2, TP9SFX Double Magazine Carrier Regular price $50. You can customize the ergonomic grip using interchangeable backstraps to fit your hand. I'm deciding between these three guns in my search for a full size SA/DA 9mm that is both reliable for home defense AND an accurate and fun range gun. In stock Canik TP9 9mm (18) Round Blue Steel Magazine. This Canik magazine is constructed from blued-steel that has been heat-treated. Trigger, accuracy, and concealment will all be covered here. Promag Industries' double-stack 18-round magazine for the Canik TP9 9mm pistol is for those situations where more is definitely better. Canik TP9SF One Series 9x19 Federal Black Pack 115 FMJ Doesn't seem bad for a $250-300 pistol. Canik TP9SFX Competition Holster. Search: Canik Tp9sf Elite Compensator. October 11, 2015 CCN We have spent 60 days with the Century Arms Canik TP9v2. Threaded barrel for the Canik TP9V2 Tp9DA, or & original TP9 9mm pistols. The auctioneer may choose to unhide the lot in the future. I bought one of the Canik TP9V2 pistols last year and it has been so reliable that I had to give the new Elite a try. Given their popularity, it was only a matter of time until Canik released a compact model, which they did in the TP9SF Elite. The TP9v2 pistol is the updated version of the original TP9SA pistol. MGW is proud to offer Canik brand products. Search: Canik Tp9sfx Color Options. Canik TP9SA (top) and Canik TP9SFX, my favorite 9's of all time. 2k7 q38 Decided to buy a Canik TP9SF as my early birthday present and so far I love the pistol. Slide Spider - Canik TP9SF Elite. What's the problem with that? MGW carries barrels, firing pins, recoil springs and many more parts for the complete series of TP9 series pistols, including the TP9DA, TP9SA, TP9SA Mod. I followed with a TP9SF and then a TP9SF Elite model. Canik Firearm Reviews and Range Reports. if it looks like we do not have anything in stock please check a little while later. Mine probably have 10-12,000 rnds through all three combined. 00: 11/5/20 Multiple Guns for Trade - $0. About Canik Tp9sf Vs 2 Tp9sa Mod. 82 Start writing your gun reviews today!. I sold the Canik 55 to my brother. The TP9 V2 has more aggressive stippling and a double strike feature compared to the previous TP9SA. 00 price tag that can do anything that my Glocks can do. 1911 triple port bushing compensator. I can shoot the thing better than about any gun I have, including my S&W 5906, Tanfoglio "Mossad/TA88, or my Taurus PT111 G2. January 23, 2021 ; Uncategorized; canik tp9sf grips. Factory Century Arms 20 round (18 rd body, +2 baseplate) magazine for Canik 9mm TP9SA pistols. Including a large selection of Canik's TP9 series pistols, threaded and unthreaded barrels, fiber optic and standard sights (available in standard and suppressor height), magazines, magazine extensions, spare parts, cases and more. 761 Eliminate the striker retainer pin. Just make your selections below and we'll build your Custom Appendix Carry holster to your specifications. Century Arms Canik TP9v2 First Look. Well here's what it does say: "SP EZ CZ 9mm base pads - 17 round magazines - Canik TP9V2/EAA SF". Canik pistols originated as budget clones of the Walther P99. What is Fn Key Not Working Mac. See more ideas about hand guns, pistol, guns. Canik TP9SF $289 NEW; Results 1 to 6 of 6 Thread: This is a brand new build. f8 Night Fision night sights carry more tritium than the average night sight on the market and a domed lens engineered to create the a crisp, defined glow. This isn't a thrown together GLOCK/Walther spring combo either, we sent the blocker and trigger return springs off to our spring maker to have springs made. This rig can be worn Appendix or at the 3-4 o'clock IWB position. With the $399 MSRP and selling locally for around $350, this pistol is top quality and will make for a great budget friendly full-size pistol. v3 If you don't see the item you are looking for, keep checking back, we are constantly expanding our. A smooth single-action trigger delivers accuracy and fast follow-up shots. 95 An added bonus is we currently have a ready supply of factory new Canik TP9 Series 18 round magazines. Step 1: Export the registry key from another computer. 99 In Stock Brand: Canik Item Number: # HG5901-N Canik Magazine Canik TP9SA, TP9SF, TP9V2 9mm Luger Steel Matte $54. We designed our Canik TP9SFx Holster so the holster mouth flares making insertion smoother. Both have been fed a wide variety of ammo. Also looking for same 01-09-2020, 04:54 AM #13. Magazine capacities are regulated in many states and jurisdictions. Please check back later to see if the lot is viewable. A co-worker, Andrew, bought one with my recommendation and loves it, but wanted to install an MRD (Mini Red Dot). (Basically a Walther P99AS clone). Jan 25, 2016 · It's different in that the Canik TP9V2 has a bush button mag release and would not be compatible with P99 or PPQ M1 magazines (although I would presume the M2 mags would work). canik tp9sfx backstrap replacement. I purchased the Canik TP9SF after watching many positive youtube videos and having owned the Canik 55 (copy of a CZ 75) that was a great shooter. Here are my pros and cons so far:. Too bad Canik doesn’t make a line of shirts and swag, their Turkish eagle logo is striking in comparison to Glock’s rather plain trademark. Episode 2: That Day: The Fall of Everything You Need to Know Before Attack on Titan Comes Back (Mar 29, 2017) Attack on Titan Anime Season 2 Premieres in April (Dec 6, 2016) You can contribute information to this page, but first Season 4 Part 2 Episode Count. And let's make no mistake here, being cheap is the main part of their allure. Bulundurma ruhsatlı olarak bu modeli tercih ettim. Solid aluminum "backstrap" grip panel for the Canik TP9SF Elite/Elite Combat/Elite Executive - High-traction checkered surface (better control) - built-in mount for TF Magwell - slight increase in weight (1. all aluminium/steel pool fencing. comCanik TP9 V2 Canik TP9SA Canik TP9SF Canik TP9SFx Grand Power K100-MK12 9mm Grand Power P11-MK12 9mm Grand Power PK1-MK12 9mm Grand Power Q100 Grand Power X-caliber 9mm H&K USP. This magazine is also compatible with the Bul M5 IPSC 9mm (won't fit properly if it has the magwell), Rock Island Armory 9mm 1911 A2 and Armscor 9mm 1911 A2 FS PS. Magazines: Both are Mecgar made. Discussion Starter · #1 · Feb 19, 2017. Superb P99 Clone - Canik 55 TP9v2 - The 3rd & BEST Version in the TP9 and can take a break to talk about the problems in Greece, maybe. roughening the surface of the stock with. The New Canik TP9SF Elite 9mm Full Gun Review. The Canik has two choices that seem to fit everyone. Items Like The CENT MAG CANIK TP9SA TP9V2 9MM 20RD. bpy I have a Canik TP9V2, and that gun is a beast. The Canik TP9v2 9mm pistol features a cold hammer forged barrel, 2 sizes of interchangeable back straps, and a fixed 3-dot steel sight. Felt recoil is a bit more noticeable with the SC than the bigger guns. So, here are 10 ways I think that Springfield Armory could make the XD a better gun: 1. Nov 28, 2017 - Explore Darren McMurray's board "canik", followed by 102 people on Pinterest. All firearm reviews and from actual shooters and enthusiasts. Canik TP9 +2 Magazine Extension. I've put probably 2000-300 rounds through it and it's had zero failures at all, no matter what ammo I put through it. The Canik TP9SFx is a 5" knockoff of the Walther PPQ. DRACO AK47 Pistol , HG1916-N-UPC 787450044357. Search results for: 'canik tp9sfx black white 9mm 458' KEEP UP WITH OUR NEW ARRIVALS AND USED STUFF. 380 CANIK TP9SF TP9SA TP9V2 TP9DA CANIK TP9-ELITE CANIK TP9-ELITE COMBAT CANIK TP9SFX / TP9SFL CZ-P10 COMPACT. Compare prices from more than 30+ gun stores. SKU: 16ai006010 Categories: All, Canik, Semi Auto Pistols. Çok yakın zamanda edindiğim tecrübeleri, atış performanslarını ve fotolarıyla paylaşacağım. These will work with both the SA and V2 models. ProMag Canik TP9 Magazine 9mm Luger 32 Rounds Steel Blued CAN-A3. Only difference is the two additional angles on the FDII. Shoots great but hasn't seen much daylight since my Canik TP9SFX Blackout Description CANIK, TP9SFx, Striker Fired, 9MM, 5. Had issues with my Canik TP9SF from Century Arms. Century and Canik have replacement recoil spring assemblies now for owners who were effected by this problem. The Canik TP9V2 came to the market and a few dubbed it THE GLOCK KILLER as it took the very popular features of the TP9SA and tweaked it a bit. The tactical weenies wanna complain about the decocker, but then they'd complain about having to pull the trigger to take it apart. 38 Super or 9mm magazine with a blued finish. Pevný a stabilní úchop zbraně je velmi důležitý. Newer pistols have an updated recoil spring assembly. The decocking lever has never accidentally been actuated (more on that later). I decided to exercise the springs with 15rds apiece for the duration of my initial outing. Canik Model Shark FC Scale To: None Average Male Hand Average Female Hand 1911 Government. Canik TP9 SA Modelini almış bulunmaktayım. It handled very well with no issues and came in at $325 at our LGS. The TP9SF Elite was a big game changer for the Canik brand. There is only 2 GB space in 32-bit mode. The finger rest baseplate is not included in this purchase. 20 20+1 Black Polymer Grip Gray Cerakote Slide Century's TP9SFx striker. Both have been trouble free, reliable, accurate, and easy to shoot well. Canik TP9SF Elite Handgun Rear Sight U Notch. li5 2, TP9SF, TP9SF Elite, TP9SF Elite-S, TP9SFL, TP9FT, TP9SFx, TP9v2 and more. I had handled Canik pistols a . Canik Tp9v2 Problems IMHO best gun for the buck and can compete in the $500-800 dollar class respectfully and most likely winning more than losing to the big boy class an that's coming a Sig shooter since the 80's. Fort Worth, TX (April 8, 2020) - XS ® Sights has expanded its high-performance 3-Dot RAM™ Night Sight line to include the Canik ® TP9SF series and Taurus ® G2 pistols. This grip fits either size backstrap, but the Canik emblem will be slightly off center on the larger size backstrap. I started with a TP9V2 but like the OP let my youngest Son talk me out of it. Both have been trouble free for a couple . Factory, handloads, bullet profiles etc none seem to matter to a Canik. Home » Uncategorized » canik tp9sf grips. And they should have kept the price the same as the TP9SF. About Tp9sa Vs 2 Mod Tp9sf Canik. I emailed century/canik earlier tonight to double check. Fun Gun Reviews Presents: The Canik TP9V2 9mm Pistol From Century Arms. I love my Walther PPX SD, but I might have waited to buy one, if I knew the Canik TP9v2 was going to be available so very soon. I absolutely love the way my TP9V2 looks with the new blue mag well and +9 base pad. There have been various shooters, indoors, outdoors, paper targets, steel targets, and all manners of fun. I've never had one iota of a problem with any of them. Canik and Century are being receptive to us the customers and quickly upgrading these pistols for us. Raining today, but plan on shooting as soon as I get the chance. For TP9SA, TP9SF, TP9v2 pistols. What I received, however, is the Canik TP9SA. soa It had some very unique features such as the decocking mechanism on a "striker" fired gun, giving it a Double Action/Single Action type of firearm, large capacity, and a " lifetime " warranty. I have been told that the will. I bought the TP9SF Elite, as soon as it came out. TP9v2 is a solid choice for Law Enforcement agencies or any enthusiast who wants a full sized pistol. The trigger is smooth and light with a faint break somewhat similar to an AK. CANIK TP9 Series Single Magazine Carrier (IWB) (TP9SF, TP9SA, TP9DA, TP9V2, TP9 ELITE, TP9 ELITE SC) Regular price. I have a Canik TP9v2 and it's been perfect. The best price for canik tp9 da for sale online. 19 round capacity from the provided MecGar magazines is a great draw to the Canik. I burned up 100 rounds them had problems with the follower catching so I took it . The difference between the SA and the SF is that the SF model is single action only and does not have a decocker. net for online news from Eenadu newspaper - latest telugu news from Andhra pradesh inclduing politics, cinema, sports, lifestyles and more. Now fully evolved through five generations, the TP9 offers everything a name-brand pistol might along with certain features available nowhere else all at a superb price. Can't wait to get to the range and start running some drills!. Trigger would go dead at first. Canik TP9 9mm (50) Rd Drum Black Polymer. About Tp9sa 2 Tp9sf Canik Mod Vs. If they lose that, then there are just one of a crowded field. This Century Arms TP9 Elite magazine fits the Canik series hanguns in 9mm. The Canik TP9v2 is a Turkish made pistol being imported in by Century Arms. Reviews of the TP9sa are very positive. They are reliable and fit my hand very well. #5 · May 14, 2020 (Edited) I’ve had two Canik TP9 family pistols. Canik swept onto the scene with a surprisingly affordable – and shootable – line of pistols. Canik Safariland Model 6360 ALS/SLS Mid-Ride, Level III Retention Duty Holster. 00 CANIK TP9 Series Single Magazine Carrier (IWB) (TP9SF, TP9SA, TP9DA, TP9V2, TP9 ELITE, TP9 ELITE …. 4 Star Rating on 8 Reviews for Canik TP9 Elite SC Threaded Barrel PVD Best Rated + Free Shipping over $49. 45 Compensator (3/4) - Factory Barrel. If you're shooting the gun in a competition like USPSA then you have the time and ability to adjust your retention at the start box. IMHO best gun for the buck and can compete in the $500-800 dollar class respectfully and most likely winning more than losing to the big boy class an that’s coming a Sig shooter since the 80’s. Ovlivňuje jistotu tasení zbraně, přesnost, dobu míření, zvládání zpětného rázu a spoustu dalších faktorů. The Canik TP9 and its variants is said to be an excellent pistol, . Canik TP9 SA Mod 2 modeli ile seri ve başarılı atışlara başla!. lum Sig Sauer, P365 SAS, Striker Fired, 9MM, 3. Canik's superior handguns make them one of the leaders in the global firearms market. There is a risk of forgetting to recock it but it has a red striker indicator to let you visually see if it is cocked. " The first Canik TP9 to hit American shores was quickly recognized for what it more or less was: a clone of the Walther P99. I own a TP9v2 and a TP9SA, they are both excellent. with the cased pistol, my trusty UpLULA , and a hundred rounds of ammunition: A box of fifty CCI Blazer Brass 115gr full metal jacket rounds and a box of fifty Federal 115gr +P+ 9BPLE jacketed hollow points. About Tp9sf Mod 2 Canik Vs Tp9sa. Polymer 80 (PF940c) Polymer 80 (PF940V2) BERETTA APX (COMPACT / CENTURION) BERETTA APX (FULL SIZE) BERETTA PX4 STORM BURSA THUNDER. Full review on the Canik TP9 Elite SCit had issues early onlinks belowDeals, Product Links, and More . The TP-9 was already an amazing firearm, now they have taken it and made it even better with even more features. The P99 used to ship as 16 rounders, though it was dang hard to seat the mags. Check out other products from Talon Grips brand, or look in category Weapons grips. ALERT - It has come to our attention that a fraudulent internet site is misusing the Canik name, trademarks, images and products in what we assume is a scheme to defraud unsuspecting firearm and accessory purchasers. To the best of my understanding: The TP9 (the original) is a DOA trigger. This TP9v2 and Crossbreed holster have been on multi-state trips, worn for weeks, and out in the back country. 00 to T****6 "Tax, Shipping & Handling and Internet Premium not included. Will it fit my TP9SF ???? Krishaun f Jan 26, 2021. Shop Canik TP9 Elite SC Threaded Barrel PVD | Up to $2. The Canik TP9 series of pistols has been very popular, not only because of the price. I have #canik #tp9sfx at blowout prices! This affordable #9mm come with two 20 round magazines. Canik's TP9 Centerfire Pistols are improved thanks to feedback from the military and law enforcement. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Not a problem, I won't be reloading. The risk of AD while reholstering is greater than with the TP9v2. I purchased the Canik TP9SF in desert tan recently. It is in no way competition to Sig. Fits Vortex Viper/Venom micro red dot sight. 3d8 Co2 gel blaster [email protected] [email protected]. The TP-9 decocker is fully ambi. They should have just released the Elite as a TP9 compact, in plain black, with the same sights the other guns came with. nur A TP9SA that stirred internet controversy, because it has a decocker on it and is a single action, striker fired pistol. 2" match-grade barrel, this gun was built for accuracy. Like I contacted Canik and they sent me a new decocker and 2 springs. The projectiles are bi-metal, and this is some of the most affordable range ammunition one can find. Buy premium 9mm magazines online from the best brands on the market. The coating on the slide is more durable than some detractors suspected. It can be recocked by moving the slide 1/4 inch and requires 10lbs to activate. Search: Canik Tp9sf Elite Rmr Slide. ProMag magazines include a lifetime guarantee, if you ever have a problem with their magazines; simply return them to ProMag for replacement. z4 id The Smith SD series is now cheaper than most of the TP9s out there. It was the best trigger pull I felt at the entire show and I spent two days there handling guns. The TP9 series firearms offer reliability and . ProMag uses a spring wound from heat-treated chrome-silicon wire for strength and reliability that won't lose. Or, use the contact form to send us a message. After reading a lot of controversy over the TP9SA, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the TP9v2. He had many problems with his competitor-purchased holster including beng unabke to remove gun from holster after his initial insertion. Canik ~ TP9V2 ~ 9MM ~ In Case If you are using a screen reader and are having problems using this website, please call 1-800-227-7776 for assistance. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Canik's TP9SA wants to be the exception to the rule; the inexpensive pistol that can hold its own with the big boys across the board. Fierce Defender IWB Kydex Holster Canik TP9SA Paladin Series. The decocker wasn't an issue for me. My "excuse" for shunning the gun: I'm not a huge fan of the P99's H&K style magazine release. So far there is the original TP9, TP9SA, TP9V2, TP9SF and TP9SFX along with talks of them making a compact version sometime in the future. Celkem jsem vystřílel cca 100 ran ze tří zbraní, což je málo na opravdové hodnocení, ale stačilo na dojmy. The Canik TP9 SA features a two-piece trigger safety, similar to the one found on Glocks and other striker-fired pistols. Needless to say, my hands were sweaty. 2xt A 15-round magazine with a +3 extension for a total of 18-rounds is included. i5w Also loved Golden Saber +P hollow points, as well as some . Yuksek atim miktarina ulasmis aticilarin yorumlarinin bulundugu Youtube ve yabanci forumlardan takip ettigim kadariyla "decocker" ile ilgili yasanmis olumsuz bir durum yok. This tape is though designed for sticking to wood and polymers, so that it did not stick well to polymer and metal grip panels and the glue remained on them after spontaneous detachment of the tape. Cold-hammer-forged barrel teams with three-dot steel sights (fiber-optic front sight on SFx model) to ensure. 1) the original TP9 is not interchangeable, but the mags for the TP9v2, TP9SA, TP9SF, TP9DA and the TP9SFX are. Fixed it withWant some PREDAWNDEATH SWAG? CLICK HERE: https://www. So, Monday morning was the Canik TP9v2's inaugural trip to the range to fire the first of two thousand rounds. The Walther PPX has a trigger as light as a PX4 Storm in SA mode, but it desperately needs a decocker since it is like the Glock in that respect, but has no external safeties of any kind. 07" Match Grade Barrel, Polymer Frame, Black Finish, Dovetail Sights, Includes Two 18 Round Magazines, Holster, and Interchangeable Backstraps HG4068-N. I discovered this while researching if the TP9SA's sights can be replaced. It begins with the Kydex shell. First was a TP9SA then a TP9V2. Canik TP9V2 9mm Para 4″ NIB $ 425. The TP9DA is a double-action pistol, designed to meet and exceed law enforcement and military standards. I couldn't keep a solid grip on my gun--had to readjust after every other shot. This magazine fits the TP9SF Elite, TP9SF Elite-S, TP9 Elite Combat, and TP9 Elite Combat Executive. Take your shooting experience to the next level with the CANIK TP9DA Semi-Auto Pistol. CANIK TP9 ELITE CMBT EXEC 9MM $729. Out of the box this thing is alot at the $730 price point. TP9 Series Magazine TP9SA, TP9v2 and TP9SF. 5us The family of Canik TP9 pistols as imported by Century International Arms rep-resents arguably the best buy in a combat handgun in America. afr Customer Service (888) 547-4679. The brand and model lettering on the slide is deeply embossed into the thick steel. Just place your order and select In-Store Pickup as the shipping method. Introducing the Reduce Power Spring Kit for the Canik TP9SF Elite/Combat Elite/SFX/SF series of pistols. Canik TP9 Elite SubCompact 9mm Tungsten Grey Optics Ready Pistol With With Holster 1-12 & 1-15 Round Factory Magazine HG5610T-N. Get an alert when the product is in stock: Get an alert. We are working hard to fix this problem. n1z It is certainly not a problem that more weight is needed to decock the TP-9. TP9SF Elite-S, TP9SFL, TP9FT, TP9SFx, TP9v2 and more Threaded barrel for the Canik TP9SF Elite 9mm . Item Talon Grip for Canik TP9 SF Elite 9mm, Large Grip, Rubber is in stock and we can ship it tomorrow. Canik c100 price ? Basic interest Shotguns Current price for NIB TP9V2 ? 24-08-2020, 10:23 PM #12. 99 In Stock Brand: Canik Item Number: # MA549 Century Arms Canik TP9 Elite Combat Semi-Auto Pistol 9mm 4. CANIK MAG CENT ARMS TP9 9MM 18RD BLK - 787450297463 MGCAMA548 quantity. #5 · May 14, 2020 (Edited) I've had two Canik TP9 family pistols. In this video we discuss the reliability issues of the new Canik Elite Pistol, what caused them and if they are still happening. We have an intermittent problem with our search function. Fits the TP9SA, TP9v2, TP9SF and TP9SFx. the v2 is a direct upgrade from the original TP9 and has a SA/DA trigger with the decocker. It is made at the Barnaul plant in the southwestern region of Siberia. I've been fairly impressed with the Canik handguns I've handled and shot so decided to go full out and picked up the TP9 SFX signature series (9mm) from my LGS today. Trusted by law enforcement and military worldwide. Canik TP9SA, TP9v2, TP9SF and TP9SFx 9MM 20 RD YC MA550. Another possibility was stippling, i. We have a Century Arms imported Canik TP9v2 in for review. TALON Grips are the best aftermarket gun grip upgrade for the Canik TP9SA, TP9V2, TP9DA, TP9SF, TP9SFX, and TP9SFL pistol. Century Arms Magazine, 9MM, 18Rd, Fits TP9SA, TP9v2 and TP9SF, Black Finish MA548. The redirection of gas vertically provides a genuine reduction in muzzle rise. Canik 55 TP9 ELT CBT EXC 9MM W/OPTC. 99 The new TP9v2 is the next evolution of the popular TP9 series pistol. The BlackHawk holster I have leans away from me. Ben de Glock daki FS seçeneğinin bu partide olmadığını sizin yaptığınız bilgilendirme doğrultusunda bildiğimden, bu yaz sonu iki alım belgesi çıkartıp, bu yılı Canik TP9 DA ile geçirmeyi planlıyorum. I traded my Canik TP9V2 for it at my local gun shop, who had it listed for . Welcome to the Canik gun parts section of Midwestgunworks. 09j Made from steel with a black finish, this TP9SFx style extended magazine release will fit all Canik TP9 series pisols. Today, there is a growing number of manufacturers that make accessories for the TP9 line of pistols. Canik TP-9 is the police service pistol one of which passed the tests of Turkish Police. You can get it for 32,17 € incl. About Vs Canik 2 Tp9sf Tp9sa Mod. Can't find the perfect Canik Tp9v2 Iwb Holster to buy? Since we have already gone through the Canik Tp9v2 Iwb Holster research process, we understand this problem. 2″ 20+1 Grip Black Canik USA, TP9SA MOD. Easily concealable under plain clothes and the 1. pnf About Tp9sa Mod Tp9sf Vs 2 Canik. About Mod Tp9sa Canik 2 Vs Tp9sf. I have a small gun safe in my truck with a Canik TP9V2 with 19 rounds of 147 grain HST bad guy repellent w/ a spare 18 rd magazine and that is there because it's inexpensive, dependable firepower with significant capacity that should be sufficient to fend 'em off long enough to make a run for it in my truck. 95) (8 reviews Installation is a breeze. Canik Tp9sfx Whiteout Edition In Stock 2" 20rd wht out upc: 787450608870 Rating Required Select Rating 1 star (worst) 2 stars 3 stars (average) 4 stars 5 stars (best) Name. Is the recoil spring and striker spring the same in the TP9 and the Walthers? 2. Where most guns on the market require a little bit of tweaking and the addition of a few aftermarket parts, the Canik ships with a good trigger and bolt-on . 00 CANIK TP9 Elite Sub Compact (IWB) - Compatible w/ PL Mini 2, RMR, Threaded Barrel. I handled the Canik TP9sa at the NRA show back in March and loved it. Reduce Power Spring Kit for Canik TP9V2, TP9DA, and TP9SA Pistols. In order to be able to offer you the best Canik Tp9v2 Iwb Holster available on the market today, we have compiled a comprehensive Canik Tp9v2 Iwb Holster list. Toll-Free: +1-800-504-5897 Live Chat Help Center Check Order Status. Upgrade with new TP9SA, TP9V2, TP9DA, TP9SF, TP9SFX, and TP9SFL Grips today!. Submit a Contact Us form and if a blue gun is available for it, we'll likely add it to this inventory and make your holster. com are not associated with Century Arms or Canik, are not authorized. But I bought the TP9V2 and it is one heck of a gun. This will increase the lead time of your order. it beats the tar out of most of the competition, including the S&W M&P in my opinion and they come with useful freebees. No manual safety makes it a great choice for CCW, and possibly a duty pistol. 1 level 1 [deleted] · 6y Where the hell did you find a witness for $260? 1 level 2 I_Am_NoBody_2. Durable material that performs in hot, cold, wet and dry conditions. Well the TP9V2 is a true DA/SA striker fired pistol. It is the most recent addition to the Canik line. To answer the original question, the stock TP9SFX base pad won't fit in the USPSA or the IDPA SSP/ESP box. ul TP9v2 is a solid choice for Law Enforcement agencies or any enthusiast who wants a full sized pistol that delivers performance in. canik tp9sf fde 9mm pistol The Canik TP9SF FDE is a 9mm, striker-fired pistol that meets the durability and reliability requirements of law enforcement, sporting, and military users. Purchased two, obne for me and one for my dad. Canik TP9v2/SA/SF: Even better versions of the TP9 which, while cheap and effective, was shoddy and had bad ergos and crap trigger. Canik TP9SFX with vortex optic Canik 3 20 rounds mags, i am selling this thinking i will move to carry optic division, unfortunaly did not like it. Elite issues appear to be resolved, and were nothing more than a stiffer than necessary . It is slightly heavier to decock than the P99. 3) agreed, make sure the seller will ship the mags. I've had problems with government Policies of all three countries, same with some of the policies of Germany and Italy, China, and old policies of The Czech Republic (they seem a bit better now though).